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A Tale of Two Coasts; Tidal Modification in Saemangeum and Isahaya

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タイトル: A Tale of Two Coasts; Tidal Modification in Saemangeum and Isahaya
著者: Lee, Seok / Lie, Heung-Jae / Song, Kyu-min / Cho, Chel-Ho
発行日: 2010年
引用: Coastal Environmental and Ecosystem Issues of the East China Sea ,pp.91-109; 2010
抄録: The Saemangeum in Korea and the Isahaya in Japan have taking very similar coastal environmental change in spite of geological difference. After construction of dike in both coasts, the tidal range has decreased slightly but significantly, while the tidal current has decreased drastically. A numerical model result shows that the construction of Saemangeum dike causes the change in tidal range in whole Yellow Sea, and the change is explained as the redistribution of tidal energy from the Saemangeum to open-sea. An analytical model result shows that the construction of Isahaya dike causes the change in the resonance condition in Ariake Bay and influences on tidal system in whole Ariake Bay. The change in tidal current in both coasts is explained by the reduction of tidal prism; the volume inside the dike. The reduction of tidal current has consequently induced weakening of tidal mixing and transport of water and materials in both coasts. After the dike construction, the stratification in water column is strengthened and the turbidity has decreased significantly, eventually the phytoplankton bloom has occasionally occurred in upper layer and the oxygen deficient water has occupied in bottom layer during summer.
記述: Nagasaki University Major Research Project: Restoration of Marine Environment and Resources in East Asia
キーワード: Tide / Saemangeum / Isahaya / Numerical model / Analytical model / Marine environment
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/23503
ISBN: 9784887041516
権利: © by TERRAPUB and Nagasaki University, 2010.
資料タイプ: Research Paper
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