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タイトル: ガラス状Fe_2O_3-PbO-SiO_2系の誘電率、赤外吸収およびラマン効果
その他のタイトル: Dielectric Constant, Infrared Absorption and Raman Effect of Glassy Fe_2-PbO-SiO_2 System
著者: 萩原, 尚男 / 小山田, 了三
著者(別表記) : Hagiwara, Hisao / Oyamada, Ryozo
発行日: 1976年 6月
出版者: 日本セラミックス協会 / The Ceramic Society of Japan
引用: 窯業協会誌, 84(970), pp.264-270; 1976
抄録: Dielectric constants (DC), infrared (IR) spectra, and Raman spectra of glassy Fe2O3-PbO-SiO2(Fe2O3, 0~20mol%) system were measured. The composition of samples was changed such as xFe2O3・(1-x)PbO・SiO2(a-series) or xFe2O3・(1-x)(PbO・SiO2). The values of DC in a-series increased rapidly from 15.5(105Hz) of PbO・SiO2 glass up to about 19 of the sample which contained 2mol% of Fe2O3. The values of DC in b-series were equal to those in a-series. In the composition range over 2mol% of Fe2O3, the value of DC increased slowly up to 15mol% of Fe2O3 for a-series and up to 10mol% of Fe2O3 for b-series. As Fe2O3 content increased moreover, the values of DC for both series increased markedly again. The difference of IR spectra between the samples in both series could not be recognized. IR absorption band shifted from about 950cm-1 for PbO・SiO2 glass to 920cm1 for the sample which contained 20mol% of Fe2O3. The shift appeared relatively large at about 2mol% of Fe2O3. Raman band of the sample contained Fe2O3 under 2mol% showed a similar pattern to that of PbO・SiO2 glass which corresponds to v3 mode of SiO4 vibration. However some split of Raman band occurred when Fe2O3 content was larger than 2mol%. On the basis of above experimental results, the following consideration was given. When Fe3+ ion in the glassy system has 6-oxygen neighbors, the Fe3+ ion can contribute to the ionic polarization of the system. The induced dipole moment and the change iin the ionic field also become effective for the dielectric polarization. Owing these effects, the value of DC increase rapidly with increasing Fe2O3 conten. IR and Raman bands would not be affected very much since Fe-O interaction is weak when the Fe3+ ion has 6-oxygen neighbors. Consequently, in the composition range under 2mol% of Fe2O3, it can be suggested that the Fe3+ ion in the glassy system has effects for the dielectric polarization become relatively few, namely the value of DC would vary gradually with increasing Fe2O3 content. Since the symmetry of the SiO4 vibration is decreased by the increase in the strength of Fe-O bond, the split of its vibrational band would be given rise. As the measured results showed these phenomena, it can be considered that the Fe3+ ion having above strong Fe-O interaction also exists when Fe2O3 is over 2mol%.
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