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A Survey on Poverty Indicators: Features and Axiom

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タイトル: A Survey on Poverty Indicators: Features and Axiom
著者: Yoshioka, Shinji
発行日: 2010年 6月30日
出版者: 長崎大学経済学部 / Faculty of Economis, Nagasaki University
引用: 長崎大学経済学部研究年報, 26, pp.25-47; 2010
抄録: In September 2000, building upon a decade of major United Nations conferences and summits, world leaders came together at the United Nations Headquarter in New York to adopt the United Nations Millennium Declaration, committing their nations to a new global partnership to reduce extreme poverty and setting out a series of time-bound targets with a deadline of 2015 that have become known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). One of the most important targets of MDGs relates to ending poverty and hunger. For instance, Target is set to halve, between 1990 and 2015 the proportion of people whose income is less than $1 a day. This study aims to summarize the essence of some major poverty indices and relating axioms to contribute to worldwide poverty reduction from academic aspects, surveying relevant literatures.
キーワード: United Nations Millennium Development Goals / Poverty Indicators / Axiom / Inequality measures
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/24467
ISSN: 09108602
資料タイプ: Departmental Bulletin Paper
原稿種類: publisher

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