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Heat Transfer Analysis for FGMs Using SPH-CSPM

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タイトル: Heat Transfer Analysis for FGMs Using SPH-CSPM
著者: Rong, Gui Ming / Kisu, Hiroyuki
発行日: 2010年11月
出版者: Trans Tech Publications Ltd.
引用: Key Engineering Materials, 452-453, pp.685-688; 2010
抄録: The solution of heat transfer problems for functional graded materials (FGMs) by smoothed particle hydrodynamics, in which the thermal conductivity is a function of the spatial coordinates and the temperature, is discussed for both steady and non-steady state problems under various boundary conditions. The boundary is treated using the corrective smoothed particle method to heighten the accuracy. Several calculations are performed to test the validity of the formulation. As an example of practical application, the problem of FGM cylindrical plates subjected to thermal shock is calculated, in which the thermal conductivity is temperature dependent and the heat transfer coefficient is varied in radial direction.
記述: 9th International Conference on Fracture and Damage Mechanics, FDM 2010; Nagasaki; 20 September 2009 through 22 September 2009
キーワード: Corrective smoothed particle method (CSPM) / Functional graded materials (FGMs) / Heat transfer / Smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH)
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/24764
ISSN: 10139826
DOI: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.452-453.685
権利: © (2011) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.
資料タイプ: Conference Paper
原稿種類: author
出現コレクション:060 会議発表資料

引用URI : http://hdl.handle.net/10069/24764



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