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Early Effects of Smoking Cessation and Weight Gain on Plasma Adiponectin Levels and Insulin Resistance

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タイトル: Early Effects of Smoking Cessation and Weight Gain on Plasma Adiponectin Levels and Insulin Resistance
著者: Inoue, Keita / Takeshima, Fuminao / Kadota, Koichiro / Yoda, Aya / Tatsuta, Yoichi / Nagaura, Yuki / Yoshioka, Sumako / Nakamichi, Seiko / Nakao, Kazuhiko / Ozono, Yoshiyuki
発行日: 2011年 4月 1日
出版者: 日本内科学会 / The Japanese Society of Internal Medicine
引用: Internal Medicine, 50(7), pp.707-712; 2011
抄録: Background Tobacco smoking is a major risk factor for atherosclerotic and cardiovascular disease. Studies have found evidence that smoking cessation is associated with weight gain, which is itself a leading cause of cardiovascular disease. Aim The present study sought to determine how smoking cessation and associated weight gain affect adiponectin levels and insulin resistance. Methods Fifty-two male habitual smokers were treated for 2 months with transdermal nicotine patches, and the 28 subjects who successfully quit smoking were analyzed. Subjects were divided into two sub-groups according to their weight change: weight maintainers and weight gainers. Serum adiponectin levels and the homeostasis model assessment ratio (HOMA-R) were evaluated at the beginning of the study, and at 1 week and 9 weeks after cessation of patch use. Results In weight gainers (n=18), serum adiponection levels tended to increase at 1 week after the end of treatment (mean difference 0.4±1.0 μg/mL, p=0.08). Moreover, after 9 weeks, adiponectin levels were significantly decreased in weight gainers (mean difference between 1 week and 9 weeks 0.8±0.9 μg/mL, p=0.002). In weight maintainers, adiponectin levels increased slightly after smoking cessation, but changes were not significant. In weight gainers, HOMA-R index was significantly increased (mean difference between baseline and 9 weeks 0.4±0.7, p=0.01), while in weight maintainers, HOMA-R index showed no differences throughout the study. Conclusion Our findings suggest that the adverse effects of weight gain attenuate some of the beneficial effects of smoking cessation.
キーワード: Adiponectin / Insulin resistance / Smoking cessation / Weight gain
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/25426
ISSN: 09182918
DOI: 10.2169/internalmedicine.50.4600
関連リンク : http://hdl.handle.net/10069/26687
権利: Copyright (c) 2011 by The Japanese Society of Internal Medicine
資料タイプ: Journal Article
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