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Investigation of Pain in Hip Disease Patients before and after Arthroplasty

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タイトル: Investigation of Pain in Hip Disease Patients before and after Arthroplasty
著者: Morimoto, Yosuke / Kondo, Yasutaka / Shimosako, Junpei / Kozu, Ryo / Kataoka, Hideki / Sakamoto, Junya / Nakano, Jiro / Okita, Minoru
発行日: 2011年 8月 5日
出版者: The Society of Physical Therapy Science / 理学療法科学学会
引用: Journal of Physical Therapy Science, 23(3), pp.535-538; 2011
抄録: [Purpose] This study examined pain in patients with hip disease before and after arthroplasty and whether the pain was induced in the hip joint itself. [Subjects and Methods] Fifty-two patients presenting with hip disease who did not exhibit dementia, disease of the lower limbs or lumbar disease were included in this investigation. Regional pain, the site of maximum pain and Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) of the site of maximum pain before and after arthroplasty were evaluated. [Results] Groin displayed the highest incidence of pre-operative pain (28 cases, 53.8%); that number decreased postoperatively. Post-operative VAS was significantly smaller than pre-operative VAS. Six patients (11.5%) demonstrated pain below the knee pre-and post-operatively. [Conclusions] The present results suggest that hip arthroplasty is effective in terms of reduction of pain in the hip joint itself. However, instances in which pain persists in remote areas of the hip joint following arthroplasty occur, and the reason for this is uncertain. Clinicians must consider an appropriate rehabilitation program to address this pain.
キーワード: Arthroplasty / Hip disease / Pain
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/25923
ISSN: 09155287
DOI: 10.1589/jpts.23.535
権利: Copyright (c) 2011 by the Society of Physical Therapy Science
資料タイプ: Journal Article
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