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Quest for a Long Life: Paradoxes and Essentials of Evolving Longevity

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タイトル: Quest for a Long Life: Paradoxes and Essentials of Evolving Longevity
著者: Mori, Nozomu / Mori, Mari
発行日: 2012年 1月
出版者: Nagasaki University School of Medicine / 長崎大学医学部
引用: Acta Medica Nagasakiensia, 56(3), pp.73-80; 2012
抄録: Among the countries in the developed world, Japan has the longest mean lifespan for women; however, the nation has encountered serious problems in policy and economics, as well as in managing medical care for its aging population. Aging is inevitable, but it also constitutes a major challenge in modern biology and medicine. In the treatment of geriatric patients, an understanding of the fundamental biological mechanisms of aging and longevity is crucial for the effective treatment and prevention of diseases and disorders, including dementia, osteoporosis, and sarcopenia. To address the most basic questions about aging, including determinants of lifespan and the identity of critical genes and anti-aging factors, we discuss paradoxical phenomena in the biology of longevity, with a particular focus on "time" and "size" of organisms. We also discuss essential factors and/or activities associated with anti-aging mechanisms in connection with brain function in adults and the elderly. Finally, we discuss unique features of the Shc gene family, which is involved in longevity determination, brain size restriction, cognitive functions, and evolution. The aim of this paper is to offer some insight into various problems in gerontology and geriatrics for future research.
キーワード: aging / brain / evolution / life history / lifespan / quality of life
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/27500
ISSN: 00016055
資料タイプ: Departmental Bulletin Paper
原稿種類: publisher
出現コレクション:Volume 56, No. 3

引用URI : http://hdl.handle.net/10069/27500



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