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大村湾における動物プランクトンに関する研究-2 : 輪虫類,枝角類,矢虫類,尾虫類および底生生物幼生の季節的出現

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Title: 大村湾における動物プランクトンに関する研究-2 : 輪虫類,枝角類,矢虫類,尾虫類および底生生物幼生の季節的出現
Other Titles: Studies on the Zooplankton in Omura Bay―II Seasonal Occurrences of Rotatoria, Cladocera, Sagittoidea, Appendiculata and Benthos Larvae
Authors: 伊藤, 栄樹 / 飯塚, 昭二
Authors (alternative): Itoh, Hideki / Iizuka, Shoji
Issue Date: Aug-1980
Publisher: 長崎大学水産学部
Citation: 長崎大学水産学部研究報告, v.49, pp.1-10; 1980
Abstract: Seasonal occurrences of zooplankton except Copepoda described in the previous paper were summarized in this paper. Samples were gathered bimonthly at 26 stations distributed all the bay in January, March, May, July, September and November in 1976. Notholca sp. and Synchaeta sp. were dominant species of Rotatoria, Evadne nordmanni and Evadne tergestina were of Cladocera, Sagitta crassa, Sagitta crassa f. naikaiensis and Sagitta delicata were of Chaetognatha, Fritillaria haplostoma and Oikopleura dioica were of Appendiculata, and Polychaeta young and larva, Pelecypoda young, Gastropoda young, Cirripedia nauplius and ophiopluteus larva were of benthos larvae. The occurrence of Notholca sp. was observed in the season from winter to spring, Synchaeta sp. in autumn, E. nordmanni from winter to spring, E. tergestina from summer to autumn, S. crassa in winter, S. crassa f. naikaiensis in spring, S. delicata from summer to autumn, F. haplostoma from summer to autumn, and O. dioica and benthos larvae all the year round, especially in spring. The seasonal successions of those organisms which corresponded with change of the hydrographic conditions were clear by alternation of dominant species in the intra-or intergeneric levels. / 大村湾における輪虫類,枝角類,矢虫類,尾虫類および底生生物幼生の季節遷移について述べた.これらの採集は湾内の26測点で1976年,13, 5, 7, 9および11月の各月に実施された.上記の動物プランクトンのうち多出現したものはSynchaeta sp., Sagitta crassa, S. crassa f. naikaiensis, S. delicata, Evadne nordmanni, E. tergestina, Fritillaria haplostoma, Oikopleura dioicaまた幼生では多毛類,腹足類,斧足類,蔓脚類およびOphiopluteusなどである.また輪虫類,枝角類Evadne属および矢虫類Sagitta属などは同分類群または同属内で明瞭な出現種の季節的な交代があり,これは海況の季節的変化とも大体一致した.
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ISSN: 05471427
Type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
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