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Reproductive Ecology of a Shad, Konosirus punctatus in Ariake Sound―II Development and Fate of the Ovarian Egg

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Title: Reproductive Ecology of a Shad, Konosirus punctatus in Ariake Sound―II Development and Fate of the Ovarian Egg
Other Titles: 有明海産コノシロの増殖生態-2 : 成熟過程
Authors: Takita, Toru
Authors (alternative): 田北, 徹
Issue Date: Aug-1978
Publisher: 長崎大学水産学部
Citation: 長崎大学水産学部研究報告, v.45, pp.11-18; 1978
Abstract: In order to know the process of the maturation of a shad, Konosirus punctatus, observations and measurements of the ovaries and ovarian eggs were done, and the following results were obtained. Eggs of the yolk globule stage and younger stages were observed together in an ovary during the spawning season. In some of such ovaries there were eggs older than yolk globule stage. In egg-diameter composition of an ovary taken in the spawning season, 1~4 modes were recognized, showing the existence of some batches in an ovary. The largest mode (the largest batch) in ovarian egg diameter composition is formed in more than 0.4mm. The largest batch passes the stage where the mode is in 0.41~0.70mm in 2 days of more. This batch passes the stage of 0.71~4.00mm in about half a day from 3a.m. to 3p.m., and becomes ripe. The spawning is carried out in the time from 3p.m. to midnight. Individual shad spawns twice or more in a spawning season of one month or one month and half. Spawning interval of the individual is estimated to be 3 days or more. / コノシロKonosirus punctatusの成熟過程を明らかにするため,卵巣と卵巣卵の観察と測定を行った。産卵期の卵巣には卵黄球期の卵とそれより若い卵が混在する。そのような卵巣の中に,卵黄球期よりさらに発達の進んだ卵が混在するものもある。産卵期には,卵巣卵卵径の頻度分布に1~4個のモードが認められ,1卵巣中に数個の卵群が存在することを示している。卵径頻度分布中の最大のモード(最も発達した卵群)は0.4mm以上で形成される。その卵群はモードが0.41~0.70mmにある発達段階を2日かそれ以上で,0.71~1.00mmを約半日,およそ午前3時から午後3時までに経過し,完熟となる。産卵は午後3時ごろから夜中にかけて行われる。1個体はひと月またはひと月半にわたる産卵期に2回またはそれ以上の産卵を行う。個体の産卵間隔は3日またはそれ以上である。
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ISSN: 05471427
Type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
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