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Studies on Sharks―XVI Age and Growth of Eiraku Shark Galeorhinus japonicus (MÜLLER et HENLE)

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Title: Studies on Sharks―XVI Age and Growth of Eiraku Shark Galeorhinus japonicus (MÜLLER et HENLE)
Other Titles: サメ類の研究-16 : エイラクブカの年令と成長について
Authors: Tanaka, Sho / Chen, Che-Tsung / Mizue, Kazuhiro
Authors (alternative): 田中, 彰 / 陳, 哲聡 / 水江, 一弘
Issue Date: Aug-1978
Publisher: 長崎大学水産学部
Citation: 長崎大学水産学部研究報告, v.45, pp.19-28; 1978
Abstract: Age and growth of Eiraku shark Galeorhinus japonicus which was collected from September 1972 to October 1976 at the western waters of Kyushu were studied by means of reading the rings of the vertebral centrum. The transparent zone is formed between autumn and early spring while the opaque zone between spring and summer. The maximum number of ring was 10 in male and 14 in female. The relationship between centrum radius R (mm) and total length L (mm) is indicated by the following equations: Male : log R=1.0366 log L+0.2736 Female : log R=1.3467 log L-0.6335. The von Bertalanffy growth equations in both sexes are: Male : Lt=1111{1-exp〔-0.2435(t+0.9995)〕} Female : Lt=1321{1-exp〔-0.2005(t+1.0000)〕}, where Lt=total length in mm at age t t=time in years. Accordingly, the growth rate of female of this species is faster than male, and the total length of male at 10 years old attains 1035mm and female 1175mm. The sexual maturity of this species is about 5 years old in both sexes. / 九州西方海域で,1972年9月から1976年10月にかけて採集されたエイラクブカGaleorhinus japonicusの年令と成長が,脊椎骨椎体の輪紋によって,研究された。透明帯は,秋から初春にかけて,不透明帯は,春から夏に形成される。輪紋(透明帯)は,雄10輪,雌14輪まで観察された。椎体半径R(mm)と全長L(mm)との関係は,次の式で表わされる。雄:logR =1.0366 log L +0.2736 雌:log R =1.3467 log L -0.6335 本種の満年令t (year)と全長L (mm)との関係をvon Bertalanffyの成長方程式で表わした。雄:Lt =1111 {1-exp〔-0.2435(t +0.9995)〕} 雌:Lt =1321 {1-exp〔-0.2005(t +1.0000)〕} 雌は,雄に比べ,成長が早く,10才で,雄は1035mm,雌は,1175mmになる。本種の性成熟年令は,雌雄とも約5才である。
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ISSN: 05471427
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