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On The Morphological Feature of The Gill of Amphibious and Air Breathing Fishes

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タイトル: On The Morphological Feature of The Gill of Amphibious and Air Breathing Fishes
その他のタイトル: 両生魚と空気呼吸魚の鰓の形態的特性について
著者: Tamura, Osamu / Moriyama, Takamitsu
著者(別表記) : 田村, 修 / 森山, 貴光
発行日: 1976年 8月
出版者: 長崎大学水産学部
引用: 長崎大学水産学部研究報告, v.41, pp.1-8; 1976
抄録: Three air-breathers, two amphibious fishes, two sluggish water-breathers and five active or intermediately active water-breathers were compared for the gill structure, and the following results were obtained so far as the used data of these species are concerned. 1) In the ratio of the gill area to body surface area, air-breathing and amphibious fish<sluggish fish<water-breather. 2) In the total number of filaments, amphibious fish≒sluggish fish<air-breather<water-breather. 3) In the density of secondary lamella, sluggish fish<air-breather<water-breather. 4) As the ratio of the fourth to the first gill arch, in the length of secondary lamella and the filaments, air-breather<amphibious fish<water-breather. 5) In the total length of filaments and the area of secondary lamella, air-breathing and amphibious fish<sluggish fish. 6) There are environmental and respiratory differences among amphibious fishes and air-breathers, and consequently, the differences of gill structure, especially in the fourth gill arch, are indicated. / 両生魚類又は空気呼吸魚類の鰓の形態的特性を知るために,空気呼吸魚3種,両生魚2種,水中呼吸魚5種と不活溌(水中呼吸)魚2種について,鰓面積の媒介変数を比較した。(1) 単位体表面積当りの鰓面積に於ては,両生魚と空気呼吸魚&lt;不活溌魚&lt;水中呼吸魚 (2) 全鰓弁長に於ては,両生魚≒不活溌魚&lt;空気呼吸魚&lt;水中呼吸魚 (3) 鰓弁片密度に於ては,不活溌魚&lt;空気呼吸魚&lt;水中呼吸魚 (4) 第4鰓弓上の鰓弁片長・鰓弁長と第1鰓弓上の各々との比に於ては,空気呼吸魚&lt;両生魚&lt;水中呼吸魚 (5) 全鰓弁長と鰓弁片の面積に於ては,両生魚と空気呼吸魚&lt;不活溌魚 (6) 空気呼吸魚の各種間にも環境や呼吸上の相違点があるから,その結果として,鰓構造の相違,特に第4鰓弓上の相違点が空気呼吸魚と両生魚の間に認められる。
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ISSN: 05471427
資料タイプ: Departmental Bulletin Paper
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