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Studies on Sharks―X Morphological and Ecological Study on the Reproductive Organs in Male Heptranchias perlo

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タイトル: Studies on Sharks―X Morphological and Ecological Study on the Reproductive Organs in Male Heptranchias perlo
その他のタイトル: サメ類に関する研究-10 : Heptranchias perloの生殖器官の形態学的研究
著者: Tanaka, Sho / Teshima, Kazuyuki / Mizue, Kazuhiro
著者(別表記) : 田中, 晶 / 手島, 和之 / 水江, 一弘
発行日: 1975年12月
出版者: 長崎大学水産学部
引用: 長崎大学水産学部研究報告, v.40, pp.15-22; 1975
抄録: The present report is to compare the clasper and its constituent skeleton of Heptranchias perlo (BONNATERRE) with those of other sharks. Moreover, the relationship of total length with testes weight and clasper length of H.perlo is discussed respectively, and the total length at the maturity of male is estimated. Then comparison is made between the clasper cavity of H.perlo and the siphon sac of other sharks.!?1. The male reproductive organs in Heptranchias perlo with seven gill openings were morphologically and ecologically investigated. 2. Teeth of H. perlo are peculiar in their shape, especially in the lower teeth. 3. The present species does not appear to have any definitive reproductive season, as a result of examination of testes and sperm sacs of males and 4. Male reaches the maturity at its total length between 70 and 85cm. according to testes weight and clasper length. 5. The posterior part of the pelvic fin extends to form the clasper sheath. 6. Unlike most male sharks, H. perlo has no siphon sac. Instead of the siphon sac, H. perlo possesses the clasper cavity. 7. The skeleton of the pelvic fin is different in its shape from other species, especially in the pelvic girdle. 8. No accessory cartilages are attached to the stem cartilages. 9. The skeleton of the pelvic fin and the clasper is hardly calcified.
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ISSN: 05471427
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