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Title: ノリ糸状体の殻胞子形成と放出に関する2,3の観察
Other Titles: Some Observations on Formation and Liberation of Conchospores in Conchocelis of Porphyra
Authors: 右田, 清治
Authors (alternative): Migita, Seiji
Issue Date: Dec-1974
Publisher: 長崎大学水産学部
Citation: 長崎大学水産学部研究報告, v.38, pp.77-85; 1974
Abstract: In this paper the author studied the formation and liberation of conchospores in free-living Conchocelis, and observed the outlet opening of the conchosporangial branch in shell-living Conchocelis. The detailed observations were mainly carried out by using the same conchosporangial branches of the Conchocelis of Porphyra tenera and P. yezoensis which were cultured at 26℃ or above in summer and transferred to the low temperature of 18℃ for this experiment. During a few days after the cooling treatment, the apical cell of conchosporangial branch was elongated vegetatively, and then other cells were divided by transverse septa and finally formed 2 or 4 conchospores respectively within 4~6 days. On the other hand, the innutrious conchosporangia, cultured without changing the medium for three months, did not form conchospores even when they were transferred to the low temperature. An enlarged abnormal spore liberated from the apical cell had less chloroplasts and it did not develop to further stages. In shell-living Conchocelis, the formation of the outlet opening of conchosporangial branch at the surface of shell was accelerated by the cooling treatment at 18° or 23℃. / アサクサノリ・スサビノリのフリー糸状体やマテガイの貝殻穿孔糸状体を用いて,夏期に低温処理し,殻胞子形成と放出の過程を連続的に観察し,次のような結果を得た。1. フリー糸状体の殻胞子嚢枝は初め先端部で体細胞分裂をするが,すぐに各胞子嚢は2個または4個に分れて殻胞子となった。2. 先端部の後で新生された細胞は,色素体の少ない異常胞子となり,それは基質に着生せず,芽になる発芽も示さなかった。3. 細胞内容が少ないものや色が退色した生育状態のよくない殻胞子嚢では,胞子形成や放出は不良であった。4. 貝殻穿孔糸状体の殻胞子嚢枝の開口は低温で促進され,開口に引続いて殻胞子が放出された。
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/30801
ISSN: 05471427
Type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
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