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Title: 二枚貝類外套腔に棲息する橈脚類3種の食性(予報)
Other Titles: Food and Feeding of Three Species of Cyclopoid Copepods Associated with Marine Pelecypods (Preliminary note)
Authors: 吉越, 一馬 / 高, 良夫
Authors (alternative): Yoshikoshi, Kazuma / Ko, Yoshio
Issue Date: Dec-1974
Publisher: 長崎大学水産学部
Citation: 長崎大学水産学部研究報告, v.38, pp.109-115; 1974
Abstract: The food and feeding of Ostrincola koe, Modiolicola bifida, and Conchyliurus quintus, which frequently occur in the mantle cavity of a host clam, Tapes (Amygdara) philippinarum, were studied. The study was carried out by rearing the adult females of the three species, each being starved previously for 2 or 3 days, together with the gills of the host in filtered sea water during overnight and by subsequent histochemical identification of mid-gut contents of both fed and starved animals, and the following results were obtained. 1. Feeding takes place in all the three species in the course of the rearing. 2. The principal element of mid-gut contents of the fed animals was protein containing sulfated mucosubstances, and its histochemical properties were markedly in accord with those of mucosubstances of the mucous glands of the gills. 3. A negligible amount of tissue or cellular debris of the gills was detected in mid-gut contents of the fed animals. On the basis of the results mentioned above and the facts that O. koe and C. quintus could subsist, molt, mature, and, in addition, accomplish normal reproduction in the case of O. koe in the laboratory rearing using the gills of the host as food, it may be concluded that the principal food of the three species is mucus secreted by the gills of the host pelecypods. / アサリ外套腔に多数棲息する橈脚類3種,Ostrincola koe, Modiolicola bifidaおよびConchyliurus quintusを2~3日間絶食させた後アサリ鰓片と共に1晩飼育し,鰓片による飼育個体および絶食個体の中腸内容物を精査した結果,3種の橈脚類の飼育個体に出現する中腸内容物の主要な成分は粘液物質であり且つその組織化学的性状はアサリ鰓の鰓糸基部の上皮に存在する粘液腺の粘液物質のそれとよく一致した。この結果および前2報に述べた殻外飼育実験結果等を考察してこの3種の橈脚類の主要な食餌は宿主二枚貝類の鰓から分泌される粘液であると推定した。
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ISSN: 05471427
Type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
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