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Fishes collected from the Coastal Waters of Nomozaki near Nagasaki

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タイトル: Fishes collected from the Coastal Waters of Nomozaki near Nagasaki
その他のタイトル: 長崎県野母崎町沿岸の魚類
著者: Shiogaki, Masaru / Dotsu, Yoshie
著者(別表記) : 塩垣, 優 / 道津, 喜衛
発行日: 1973年 8月
出版者: 長崎大学水産学部
引用: 長崎大学水産学部研究報告, v.35, pp.11-39; 1973
抄録: Since 1961, when the Fisheries Experimental Station of Nagasaki University was founded in Nomo (Lat. 32° 35.3'N, Long. 129° 45.5' E), Nomozaki near Nagasaki, numerous fish specimens together with the specimens of other marine animals which were caught by various kinds of fishing and collection methods in the coastal waters of Nomozaki, have heretofore been preserved in the station. The authors examined the fish specimens and identified 414 species and 9 subspecies of 142 families including one cyclostome and 7 fresh water fishes as shown in the present fish list. The fish fauna of Nomozaki is characterized as follows. It consisted of almost all the fishes which are known as the fishes of temperate zone in the central Japan, many subtropical fishes which are distributed and reproduced in the central and southern Japan and some tropical fishes which are known from the seas of the tropical and subtropical zones of the South East Asia. The tropical fishes are rarely collected but in most cases at their young stages. This suggests that the tropical fishes are drifted at their young stages by the Tsushima Warm Current, a branch of the Kuroshio, from the tropical and subtropical zones to the coastal waters of Nomozaki during the warm season, from summer to autumn, when the current most strongly flows around Nomozaki in all season and they settle there, but most of them die in the next winter and are not reproduced there. The subtropical fishes collected around Nomozaki are as follows: 49*** Pisoodonophis zophistius Jordan et Snyder, 50 Microdonophis erabo Jordan et Snyder, 53 Muraena pardalis Temm. et Schl., 72 Micrognathus brevirostris (Ruppell), 173 Plesiops melas Bleeker, 186 Lutjanus russelli (Bleeker), 187 Lutjanus vitta (Quoy et Gaimard), 199 Girrhitichthys aureus (Temm. et Schl.), 217 Synchiropus lineatus (Cuv. et Val.), 224 Omobranchus loxozonus (Jordan et Snyder), 238 Eviota abax (Jordan et Snyder), 239 Eviota zonura Jordan et Starks, 277 Amphiprion xanthurus Cuv. et Val., 279 Chromis xanthochir (Bleeker), 280 Parapomacentrus nigricans (Lacepédè), 281 Pomacentrus coelestis Jordan et Starks, 283 Abudefduf varigiensis (Quoy et Gaimard), 288 Verro oxycephalus (Bleeker), 289 Thalassoma cupido (Temm. et Schl.), 293 Labroides dimidiatus (Cuv. et Val.), 294 Stethojulis phekadopleura (Bleeker), 295 Stethojulis kalosoma (Bleeker), 301 Callyodon ovifrons (Temm. et Schl.), 389 Conidens laticephalus (Tanaka), 393 Lapadichthys frenatus Waite, and others. And the tropical fishes are as follows: 70 Doryrhamphus melanopleura (Bleeker), 88 Sphyraena pincuda Bloch et Schneider, 108 Caranx melampygus Cuv. et Val., 109 Carangoides ferdau (Forskal), 112 Trachinotus baillonii (Lacepede), 227 Rhabdoblennius elliPes (Jordan et Starks), 228 Istiblennius edentulus (Bloch et Schneider), 230 Praealticus tanegashima (Jordan et Starks), 284 Abudefduf sexfasciatus (Lacepede), 309 Scatophagus argus (Linne), 312 Naso unicornis (Forskal), 315 Balistes consPicillum Bloch et Schneider, 316 Canthider rotundatus (Proce), 320 Chaetodermus spinosissimus (Quoy et Gaimard), 325 Lactoria cornutus (Linne), 338 Arothron stellatus (Bloch et Schneider), 390 Pherallodus indicus (Weber). *** The numbers heading each specific name correspond to the species number of the present fish list.
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