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Title: ヒブナの生殖腺の成熟と血漿蛋白質におよぼす数種ホルモン物質の影響
Other Titles: Effects of Hormonal Substances on Plasma Protein of Goldfish, with Special Reference to the Gonadal Maturation
Authors: 吉越, 一馬
Authors (alternative): Yoshikoshi, Kazuma
Issue Date: Dec-1972
Publisher: 長崎大学水産学部
Citation: 長崎大学水産学部研究報告, v.34, pp.63-68; 1972
Abstract: Plasma protein fractions and total protein in plasma in relation to the gonadal maturation and the effects of exogenous estrogenic substances (diethylstilbestrol and estradio1-17β), gonadotropin (a mixture of human chorionic gonadotropin and mammalian anterior pituitary extracts), androgenic substances (testosterone propionate and methyltestosterone), and progesterone on plasma protein fractions and total protein in plasma of goldfish were investigated. The results obtained were as follows: 1. Conspicuous elevation of the IVth fraction level in female fish was observed in breeding season. The level of total protein was increased in breeding season and was higher in female fish than in male one. 2. Conspicuous elevation of the levels of total protein and the IIIrd and IVth fractions was observed by estrogen treatment. 3. The elevation of the IIIrd fraction level by estrogen treatment was lowered by simultaneous administration of gonadotropin, and the pattern obtained from immature fish was similar to that of normal mature female. The level of total protein was also lowered slightly by the same treatment. 4. Slight elevation of total protein and IVth fraction levels in female fish in breeding season was observed by gonadotropin treatment. 5. No remarkable changes were detected on plasma protein after the administration of androgenic substances and progesterone. From these results it is suggested that both endogenous estrogen and gonadotropin control over the ovarian maturation through regulation of plasma protein constituents. / 成熟に関連したヒブナの血漿蛋白性状の変化および血漿蛋白性状におよぼす数種のホルモン物質の影響を調べた。1.成熟に伴って雌魚の血漿蛋白分画Ⅳ が著しく増加する。血漿総蛋白量は成熟期に増加し,雄魚より雌魚が高い値を示す。2.エストロジェン投与により血漿総蛋白量および血漿蛋白分画ⅢおよびⅣの顕著な増加が認められる。3.エストロジェン投与による分画Ⅲ の著しい増加はシナホリンの同時投与により低められる。シナホリンの同時投与は,また,血漿総蛋白量の増加をいくぶん抑える。4.シナホリン投与により成熟期の雌魚の血漿総蛋白量および分画Ⅳ がいくぶん増加する。5.アソドロジェンおよびプロゲステロン投与では血漿蛋白性状に目立った変化は認められない。
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/30894
ISSN: 05471427
Type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
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