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浅海域の微生物学的研究-5 : 夏季内湾底層の貧・無酸素域における硫酸還元細菌ならびに硫黄細菌群の分布について

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Title: 浅海域の微生物学的研究-5 : 夏季内湾底層の貧・無酸素域における硫酸還元細菌ならびに硫黄細菌群の分布について
Other Titles: Microbiological Studies on Shallow Marine Areas―V On the distribution of the sulfate-reducing bacteria and sulfur bacterial groups in oxygen-deficient or anoxic bottom layer of bay in summer
Authors: 藤田, 雄二 / 飯塚, 昭二 / 銭谷, 武平
Authors (alternative): Fujita, Yuji / Iizuka, Shoji / Zenitani, Buhei
Issue Date: Dec-1969
Publisher: 長崎大学水産学部
Citation: 長崎大学水産学部研究報告, v.28, pp.153-160; 1969
Abstract: In connection with the formation of oxygen-deficient or anoxic layer, thedistribution of bacterial groups which produce or oxidize the sulfides and some oceanographic factors in their environment were investigated in summer 1968 and 1969 at Omura Bay, west coast of Kyushu. Phytoplankton blooms which had increased in early summer appeared to sink down from the middle layer to the bottom while consuming dissolved oxygen because of the oxidative decomposition of planktonic matter by heterotrophic bacteria. In general, dissolved oxygen and both Eh and pH values remarkably decreased in bottom water below a depth of about 16m. Sulfate-reducing bacteria and aerobic or anaerobic thiobacilli most of which seemed to be facultative autotrophic were commonly found in bottom water, while photosynthetic sulfur-and nonsulfur bacteria were variable in their distribution. It appeared that bacteria were relatively active in bottom and that thiobacilli might participate partly in the consumption of dissolved oxygen due to the biochemical oxidation of reduced sulfur compounds. A schematic diagram on some chemical characters of sea water and distribution of bacterial groups in the bay was presented. / 夏季内湾底層に現われる無酸素化現象に関連して,硫化物生成・酸化消費する細菌群の分布およびそれらの環境要因の変化を研究してつぎのような結果を得た. 1. 梅雨期以後に増殖した植物プランクトンは死後中層付近から以深にかけて酸化分解をしながら沈降し,8月には中層から底水層にかけて溶存酸素が漸減する傾向を認めた. 2. 全般的に約16m層以深では溶存酸素の減少,酸化還元電位・pHなどの低下が著しく,この領域内では微生物作用が活発であることを示した. 3. 上記領域には,硫酸還元細菌,好気性および嫌気性Thiobacillus属細菌などが一般に分布していたが,光合成イオウ細菌の分布にはかなりの変動が認められた. 4. 夏季内湾水層における環境の若干の特性と細菌分布の関係を模式的に図示し,硫化物の酸化についての考察を試みた.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/31237
ISSN: 05471427
Type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
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