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Title: 農薬のコイ血液性状および呼吸量におよぼす影響
Other Titles: Effect of Pesticides on Blood Characters and Oxygen Consumption of Carp
Authors: 石原, 忠 / 保田, 正人 / 田村, 修
Authors (alternative): Ishihara, Tadashi / Yasuda, Masato / Tamura, Osamu
Issue Date: Dec-1967
Publisher: 長崎大学水産学部
Citation: 長崎大学水産学部研究報告, v.24, pp.65-78; 1967
Abstract: Through use of four kinds of pesticides, namely, PCP (effective ingredient: Penta chlorophenol 86%), MEP (e. i.: Dimethyl thiophosphate 50%), Endrin (e. i.: Endrin 19.5%) and Meran (e. i.: Phenylmercuric acetate and other organic mercury 5.2%), a study was made on the effect of these pesticides on blood characters and oxygen consumption of carp which were kept for three days in the water containing each of these pesticides. The effect on blood characters was studied by means of observation of change in specific gravity, hematocrit value, serum protein and serum lipoprotein. Feeding was sustained during the three-day period of experiments. Blocd sampling was made from each individual carp prior to and on the third day after the application of pesticides in the water. The results of experiments were as follows. 1. Each pesticide caused change in component ratio of serum protein and serum lipoprotein and the change was more remarkable in the former. (Figs. 4-6, Table 1) 2. Both specific gravity and hematocrit value decreased in comparison with the values at the first sampling. However, in consideration of the remarkable effect of sampling, these showed a trend of increase in proportion to the density of pesticide. (Figs. 8, 9) 3. In connection with oxygen consumption, PCP caused an increase in proportion to its density. However, MEP caused a decrease and the extent of decrease was proportional to the density. Endrin and Meran also caused a decrease but the extent of decrease was inversely proportional to the density. (Figs. 10-13) / PCP, MEP乳剤,エンドリン乳剤,およびメラン乳剤の4種の農薬によるコイの呼吸量,血液性状(Sp G, Ht,血清蛋白質分画,血清リポ蛋白質分画)に与える影響について3日間の飼育により検討したところ次のような結果を得た. 1 血清蛋白質の各組成の変動は,PCPでは0.3ppmでI, II分画の増加,III, IV分画の減少を見,MEPでは6ppm以上Iで分画が減少,II分画は著しい増加となった.エンドリンでは0.004ppmでI分画の減少,II分画の増加が比較的大きく現れた,メランでは0.1ppm以上でII分画の減少,III, IV分画の増加を見た. 2 血清リポ蛋白質では分画の変動は血清蛋白質程,著しくないが,PCPは0.3ppm, MEPは4ppm,メランは0.1ppm以上でI, II分画の増加,III分画の減少が見られたのに対しエンドリンのみは0.004ppm以上でIII分画の増加,I, II分画のわずかな減少となった. 3 ヘマトクリツト値および血液比重は各農薬共にその投入により増加した.血液比重に影響を与える濃度はPCP 0.1ppm, MEP 4ppm,エンドリン0.007ppm,メランでは0.1ppm以上であった,ヘマトクリツト値の場合はPCP 0.01ppm, MEP 4ppm,エンドリン0.001ppm,メランでは0.1ppm以上で影響をあたえた. 4 呼吸量の変動はPCPでは濃度が高い程増加し0.3ppmでは3日後に150%増となった.MEPでは添加初期にはPCPと逆に高濃度程減少したが2日目を限度として3日後には再び水準回復的な傾向を示しだした.エンドリン,メランでも減少するがMEPとは逆に高濃度の方が減少率は低かった.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/31359
ISSN: 05471427
Type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
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