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Title: 黄斑形成魚肉ソーセージから分離した細菌のフリルフラミドおよびソルビン酸耐性と赤色着色料に対する退色能について
Other Titles: On Furylfuramide- and Sorbic acid- Resistance and Discoloration Ability on Food Red Dyes of Bacteria Isolated from Deteriorated Fish Sausages Forming Yellow Spots
Authors: 谷口, 忠敬 / 徳安, 泰子
Authors (alternative): Taniguti, Tadataka / Tokuyasu, Yasuko
Issue Date: Dec-1967
Publisher: 長崎大学水産学部
Citation: 長崎大学水産学部研究報告, v.24, pp.89-96; 1967
Abstract: Bacterial strains, isolated from yellow spots of deteriorated fish sausages, generally discolored the red dye (ponceau R, excepted from permit in Apr. 1965.) which had been added to the sausages. Accordingly, studies were made on their taxonomic positions, resistances to food preservatjves, and reducing abilities on several red dyes. The results obtained from experiments are as follows. 1) Rods belonging to the genus Bacillus and cocci were isolated from the spots, and they appeared to reduce the added dye rapidly in comparison with those isolated from normal parts of the sausages. 2) Bacilli isolated from the spots and the normal parts were resistant to 2-(2-furyl)-3-(5-nitro-2-furyl) acrylamide (furylfuramide, FF) and to sorbic acid, and cocci isolated from the spots appeared to be more resistant to the test preservatives than cocci isolated from the normal parts. 3) Azo-dyes, such as ponceau R, amaranth and new coccin, were strongly reduced by those bacteria isolated from the spots. On the other hand, erythrosine, eosine and acid red, belonging to xanthene-dyes, were stable, and they were not influenced by nitrite and ferrous ions. Rose bengal and phloxine appeared, however,to be somewhat reduced by some test strains. / 黄斑形成魚肉ソーセージから分離した細菌を用いて,赤色着色料に対する退色能とフリルフラミドおよびソルビン酸耐性について試験をし,次のような結果を得た. 1) 黄斑部からは,正常部に較べて,添加赤色着色料(ポンソーR)を強く退色するBacil lu属細菌と球菌が検出された. 2) 分離細菌のうち,Bacillus属細菌はフリルフラミドおよびソルビン酸に対し耐性を有した.黄斑部からの球菌は正常部からのものより耐性が強かった. 3) アノ系着色料(ポンソーR,アマランスおよびニユーコクシン)は,分離細菌によって強く還元され,またキサンテン系着色料では,エリスロシン,エオシン,およびアシッドレッドが安定で,亜硝酸塩や鉄イオンの影響もうけなかった.しかしローズベンガルおよびフロキシンは菌株によって多少退色された.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/31361
ISSN: 05471427
Type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
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