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浅海域の微生物学的研究-2 : 多糖類の分解能から見た有機栄養細菌群構成の季節的変化

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Title: 浅海域の微生物学的研究-2 : 多糖類の分解能から見た有機栄養細菌群構成の季節的変化
Other Titles: Microbiological Studies of Shallow Marine Areas―II.Seasonal Change in Constituent Groups of Heterotrophic Bacterial Population in Respect of Polysaccharide Decomposition
Authors: 谷口, 忠敬 / 藤田, 雄二 / 銭谷, 武平
Authors (alternative): Taniguchi, Tadataka / Fujita, Yuji / Zenitani, Buhei
Issue Date: Nov-1966
Publisher: 長崎大学水産学部
Citation: 長崎大学水産学部研究報告, v.21, pp.243-249; 1966
Abstract: The qualitative distribution of polysaccharide-decomposing groups among the heterotrophic bacterial population was compared seasonally through use of the samples of sea water and bottom mud collected from the Ariake Sea near Kashima City. The present studies dealt with seven kinds of polysaccharide in respect of decomposing ability. The results obtained are as follows. 1) The quantitative distribution by the pour plate counts was 1-7.8×102/ml in the sea water and 9-20×104/g in the sea mud, and relatively high counts were obtained from the samples of November. 2) The amino acid-requiring bacterial group seems to be most predominant. 3) Starch splitter was highly distributed, and pectinolytic or chitinoclastic bacteria were found in the mud throughout the year. The bacteria decomposing marine algae polysaccharide were distributed rather in the sea water than in the mud. 4) The constituent group among the heterotrophic bacteria, on the basis of the ability of polysaccharide decomposition, varied by the test season. The heterotrophic bacteria isolated from November's samples consisted of several groups having the ability to decompose various kinds of polysaccharide. The others were relatively simple constituent groups in polysaccharide decomposition. / 有明海ノリ漁場を対象とし,有機栄養細菌群の多糖類分解能を基にその構成を比較検討し,次の結果を得た. 1) 平板測定による一般生菌数は,海水中1-7.8×102/ml,底質中9-20×104/gで,試験月のうち11月に多い傾向を見た. 2) これらの細菌類はアミノ酸類を利用するものが優占しているようであった. 3) 澱粉分解菌が最も高率に存在し,ペクチン・キチン分解菌は底質中に周年認められ,海藻多糖類分解能をもつものは底質よりも海水に多く見られた. 4) 多糖類分解能から見た菌群構成は季節によって異なり,11月試料では各種多糖類分解能をもつ菌群で構成され,他は比較的単純な構成であった.
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ISSN: 05471427
Type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
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