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魚類のシュウ酸代謝に関する研究―1 : 魚類肉質中シュウ酸含量の経年消長と温度変動による影響に関する考察

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Title: 魚類のシュウ酸代謝に関する研究―1 : 魚類肉質中シュウ酸含量の経年消長と温度変動による影響に関する考察
Other Titles: Studies on the Metabolism of Oxalic Acid in Fish Muscle―I.Seasonal Variations and Influence of Temperature on Oxalic Acid Content in Fish Muscles
Authors: 保田, 正人 / 山添, 義隆 / 石原, 忠
Authors (alternative): Yasuda, Masato / Yamazoe, Yoshitaka / Ishihara, Tadashi
Issue Date: Feb-1965
Publisher: 長崎大学水産学部
Citation: 長崎大学水産学部研究報告, v.18, pp.51-58; 1965
Abstract: In the foregoing study on the formation of oxalic acid in fishes, there was found a remarkable variation in the oxalic acid content according to the varieties of fishes and seasons. For the thorough investigation of the cause, a year-long observation of the oxalic acid contents was conducted on MUTUGORO (Boleophtalmus pectinirostris) and WARASUBO (Odontamblyops rubicundus) in which influences of seasonal changes are very remarkable. Again, using the loach (Misgurnus anguillicandatus), the carp (Cyprinus carpio) and the crucian (Carassius auratus), similar variations were observed on the artificially changed conditions of breeding temperatures ranging from 27℃ to 5℃. The results suggested that the oxalic acid content was very high during summer, cases giving 120mg% in the case of MUTUGORO and 40mg% in the case of WARASUBO, and lowest in both cases in March in winter. The patterns of the variations in the contents in both the species were very similar, but no seasonal variation could be found in migratory fishes. This,,fact was observed also in the case of artificial variation of temperature, with a correlation between the content and the temperature. From these results, it was conjectured that there is a great probability that the oxalic acid contents in fish muscles depend upon the state of activities in temperature-environments. / BERGERMAN & ELLIOTのシュウ酸定量法を若干改変した変法により汽水性,淡水性及び回遊性の魚類数種のものの肉質中シュウ酸含量とその経年消長を測定した.併せてシュウ酸含有量の温度の変動による影響について考察し,次の如き結果を得た. 1)ムッゴロウ,ワラスボの如き汽水魚におけるシュウ酸平均含有量の周年消長の様相は極めて良く類似し,両者共8月に最高,3月に最低値を示す. 2)回遊性のアジ,サバについての季節的変動は認められない. 3)魚肉中のシュウ酸含量は極めて少なく栄養学的には問題にならない. 4)棲息環境温度とシュウ酸含量については休眠期を除き正の相関が認められる. 5)魚肉中のシュウ酸含有量は温度による魚類の活動状況に支配される公算が非常に大きく,成熟度には比較的左右されないものと考えられる.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/31553
ISSN: 05471427
Type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
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