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Title: 崎辺湾における燐酸塩・珪酸塩の出現とその変動様相について
Other Titles: On the daily Variation of the Phosphate and Silicate in Sakibe Inlet.
Authors: 飯塚, 昭二 / 梶原, 武 / 清水, 千秋
Authors (alternative): Iizuka, Syozi / Kazihara, Takesi / Simizu, Tiaki
Issue Date: 30-Nov-1959
Publisher: 長崎大学水産学部
Citation: 長崎大学水産学部研究報告, v.8, pp.6-15; 1959
Abstract: The authors observed the occurrences and daily variations of phosphate and silicate from 21 January to 22 December in 1958 in Sakibe Inlet (Sasebo Bay). We found no periodicity in curves showing the daily variation of the both salts (Fig. 2-1 & 2-2), they being irregular. In addition, the fluctuations were very large, attaining to 2~3 times of the normal variavility often observed. These tendencies were observed both in the surface and the bottom layer, especially in the bottom layer noticeable. The annual variations were also large, the ranges being 0~4.0μg-atoms/L in phosphate and 0~360 μg-atoms/L in silicate and the averages being 1.3 and 116μg-atoms/L in the surface, 2.1 and 138μg-atoms/L in the bottom, respectively. Also on the average, the concentration in the bottom was more abundant in both salts than in the surface. Generally, the concentration was small in cold season and large in the warm. In a year round, the time which was very poor in the salts, occured simultaneously in both salts at the both ends of January and February, but it did not be found that bloom of the phytoplankton was checked for lacking. On the relation to rainfall, it was conspicuous only in the heavy exceeding 30 mm per a day. Heavy rain brought a great deal of salts from the land, resulting in the remarkable concentration in the surface layer, but the effect was extremly superficial and temporary, no change being found in the bottom. In the rainfall less than 30 mm, the relation between rainfall and concentration was not found in the surface. / 1958年1月21日から12月22日までの間約1カ年にわたり毎日自然状況下の燐酸塩・珪酸塩の出現状況を観察し,その結果変動に関しての様相を把握した。1. 年間の変動範囲は燐酸塩で4.0μg-atoms/Lを最高とし,最低で0.2μg-atoms/L以下,珪酸塩で360μg-atoms/L,10μg-atoms/L以下で,平均的には燐酸塩1.3(表層),2.1(底層)μg-atoms/L,珪酸塩116(表層),138(底層)μg-atoms/Lで底層の方が量が多い。2. 珪酸塩では季節変動が認められ,冬期少なく夏期多い。燐酸塩でも同じ傾向がうかがわれるが明瞭でない。3. 日々変動で,突然前後より著しく高い値が出現することが屡々あるが,個々の変動原因については強い降水の場合を除いて解析不明である。変動は底層において激しく,底層は表層よりも安定度を欠ぐ。これは出現量が底層に多い事と共に自然状態の塩類分布に関する重要な特長である。変動の様相が複雑であることは当然samplingにあたっても慎重でなくてはならない。4. 年間を通じて,塩類欠乏状態は1月末と2月末の2回観察されたが,いずれも皆無の状態ではなく,この状態も5日以上は続かった。5. 降水効果は30mmを越す場合にのみ表層の塩類濃度を著しく高めるが,あくまでも一時約且皮層性のもので底層まで影響があることはない。従って降水による塩類供給はあまり期待できない。6. 珪酸塩の長期変動はPhytoplanktonと約半年のズレがある。
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/31812
ISSN: 05471427
Type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
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