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Title: 卵巣熟度の熱力学的表現と黄鯛の産卵について
Other Titles: Studies on the Degree of the Mature Gonad by the Thermo-dinamical Method and the Decision of the Spawning Season of "Kidai" (Taius tumifrons)
Authors: 岡, 正雄
Authors (alternative): Oka, Masao
Issue Date: 30-Nov-1959
Publisher: 長崎大学水産学部
Citation: 長崎大学水産学部研究報告, v.8, pp.229-237; 1959
Abstract: The degree of the mature gonad has been shown by the type of ova diameter distribution but it frequently confused the pursuit of its growth for the dispersive expression. But, it is more convenient for this pursuit to use the continous character, which was expressed by the mathematical method summarized the appearable probability of each stage of eggs in the gonad. And this expression is as follows. The probability (Pm) are obtained from the number of eggs (n₁,n₂,n₃,……nλ,) appearing at each stage. Pm=w₁ⁿ¹.w₂ⁿ²,w₃ⁿ³…….wλnλ,n₁+n₂+……+nλ=n. w₁, w₂, w₃,……wλ, are the standard probability and they will be able to calculate from the expression, wλ=a.e-bλ And the numbers of way appearing as this are n!/n₁! n₂! n₃!……nλ! So, the probability (Wm) which is the same condition may be shown Wm=aλ.e-b(n₁+2n₂+……+λnλ)×n!/Πλ(nλ!) If all eggs appear at the first stage in this gonad,W¹m=aλ.e-b.n×n!/n! And if, Wm(therm)=Wm/W'm the difference of probability by the age and individual variance will be removed from Wm. therefore Wm(therm)=e-b(n₂+2n₃……+(λ-1)nλ)×nm/Πλ(nλπλ) and the abousolute logarism Wm is the same expression as the Entoropy in the thermdinamics. |log Wm(therm)|=b(n₂+2n₃+……+(λ-1)nλ)×log(e)-n.log(n)+∑λnλ.log(nλ) Used this method, it was cleared that the spawning of 'Kidai' (Taions tumifrons) in the southern reagion of the East-China Sea were separated two their shoals and the one spawned, Dec.- Jan. and the other spawned, July-Aug..
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ISSN: 05471427
Type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
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