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九州産マイワシの研究-2 : 五島灘産小・中羽の移動(1)

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Title: 九州産マイワシの研究-2 : 五島灘産小・中羽の移動(1)
Other Titles: Studies on the Sardine of Kyûsyû II.The Migrations of small-and middle-sized Sardine living in the Gotô-nada
Authors: 田村, 修 / 大藤, 千之
Authors (alternative): Tamura, Osamu / Ohuji, Tiyuki
Issue Date: 31-May-1955
Publisher: 長崎大学水産学部
Citation: 長崎大学水産学部研究報告, v.3, pp.79-89; 1955
Abstract: We intented to make clear the migration of 0-year sardine spawned in 1951 and 1952 living in Gotô-nada, deducing from the relation of the monthly transitions of the fishing area with those of the small types of the vertebral compositions of the samples taken from the west and the east coasts of Kyûsyû. As the former results, 1. in 1951, the main catch begins at Yatusiro Bay in May, a part comes up north to neighbourhood of Hirado, Iki and Tusima islands or some others from June to August, the main groups come together near Gotô-nada and continue in the concentrated condition from August to November. 2. In 1952, the presumed main group of 0-year fish appears near Amakusa islands in May, and caught near the coast of Seihi in July, remains in Gotô-nada from August to October. A part of groups is taken near Gotô-islands and Hirado from June to August, and then goes up north to Iki and Tusima in November or December. As the latter results, 3. in Gotô-nada 1952, some groups appear about Amakusa, a part of them comes up north about Hirado or Iki island, the other parts go to Gotô-nada or remain about Amakusa, these northwards migrations continue from May to September, but in 1951 the result is not obtained owing to meagre samples. 4. The relationship between a part of fish groups of northward migration and the 0-year fish groups appearing next year early in the east coast of Kyûsyû is unable to know on account of the lack of samples. / 昭和26年27年産の当才魚に就き,九州西岸の漁場の移動と西岸・東岸の脊椎骨組成の各類型による各月変化から,五島灘の小羽の移動を明にせんとした. 1.西海区水研のイワシ速報より漁場の移動を各月比較し,且つ1日1網当り漁獲と各月毎の各漁場の総漁獲量の各月変化とを考慮して,小羽の移動を推定した. 2.即ち昭和26年には,当才魚の主漁獲は八代湾で5月に始り,一部は6~8月平戸・壱岐方面に9月には更に対馬其他に北上叉は逸散し,一部は天草・甑島附近に停滞,主部は8月に五島灘北・中・南部に集り,8月より12月まで殆ど移動しないで漸減する. 3.昭和27年には,当才魚の主群と思われるものは天草近海に5月現れ,一部は6~8月に五島東西岸・平戸附近に北上,更に11・12月には壱岐・対馬方面に北上,主群は7月には西彼沿岸に現れ8月~10月まで五島灘に停滞する. 4.脊椎骨組成の各類型の各月比較では,昭和26年は特に資料少く充分の比較が出来なかつたが,昭和27年の西岸では,5月に熊本県下に発現し,一部は6~8月に壱岐叉は以北に北上,一部は五島灘に集り,一部は熊本県下に存在するが,北上は5月から9月まで続く. 5.脊椎骨数の資料が非常に少いため,両法による魚群移動の推定が充分比較出来なかつたが,今後検討する価値があると思う.
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ISSN: 05471427
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