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九州産重要魚類の食性の研究-1 : マイワシ(1)

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Title: 九州産重要魚類の食性の研究-1 : マイワシ(1)
Other Titles: Studies on the Feeding Habit of Important Fishes in Kyûsyû I.
Authors: 田村, 修 / 浜崎, 忠
Authors (alternative): Tamura, Osamu / Hamazaki, Tadasi
Issue Date: 31-May-1955
Publisher: 長崎大学水産学部
Citation: 長崎大学水産学部研究報告, v.3, pp.90-98; 1955
Abstract: The gill raker count, the intestine length, the intestine shape and the pyloric coeca count are examined in relation to growth, as well as, the relation between the weight of stomach content of fish and the plankton quantity in sea water are discussed. 1. The short gill raker counts on the first gill arches of the young sardines from Gotô islands are conspicuously more than those of the adult. The same tendencies are noticeable on the gill raker counts of this samples from first, second and third gill arch which increase proportionally to the body length in the other samples. 2. As not only the intestine length (ratio to the body length) but the pyloric coeca count of the young sardines (body length 9-10cm) is nearly equal to those of the adult sardines, feeding habit of the former does not seem so different as from that of the latter. 3. The weight of the stomach content (ratio to the body weight) is approximately proportional to the plankton quantity in sea water. The younger the sample is, the larger this weight ratio, it may be indicated presumably the insufficient plankton quantity in the coastal waters. / 1.九州産マイワシの各体長の魚体147尾に就き,主として各鰓弓の鰓耙数, 消化管・幽門垂の形状と体長・体重との関係を検査した,叉胃内容物重量と天然餌料量との関係を吟味した. 2.第一・二・三鰓弓の鰓耙数は,体長と共に平行して増加するが,五島10月産だけは体長に比し数が多く,特に短鰓耙数は成魚よりも著しく多い. 3.胃・腸・幽門垂は共に体長9~10cm頃に成魚のそれと大差なくなり,食性も一定になると推定される. 4.天然餌料量と胃内容物重量/体重は平行するから,鰓耙による瀘過作用以外には,マイワシはシラス期(2~4cm)以外,何等撰択なしに食物を捕食すると推定される. 5.若年魚程摂取餌料量と体重との比が大であつて,之は天然餌料が自然海中では体重に比例しては摂取出来ない事を意味するものと思われる.
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ISSN: 05471427
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