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タイトル: 黄砂に関する若干の統計的研究
その他のタイトル: Some Statistical Aspects of Yellow Sand
著者: 荒生, 公雄 / 牧野, 保美 / 永木, 嘉寛
著者(別表記) : Arao, Kimio / Makino, Yasumi / Nagaki, Yoshihiro
発行日: 1979年 2月28日
出版者: 長崎大学教育学部
引用: 長崎大学教育学部自然科学研究報告. vol.30, p.65-74; 1979
抄録: Yellow sand, that is, a heavy dust storm over the Far East is studied from a viewpoint of statistical and synoptic meteorology. Secular variation of annual number of days with yellow sand at Nagasaki is shown for the 62-year period between 1914 and 1975. The mean annual number of days is 5.3 days and 85 percent of them belong to spring. The travelling velocity of dust particles estimated from the surface observations in Japan islands almost corresponds to the westerly wind at an altitude of 4km. The size distribution of yellow sands collected at Nagasaki agrees with the power law distribution with the value of γ=3.0~3.5, where γ is the radius exponent defined by n(r)=Cr-γ.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/32697
ISSN: 0386443X
資料タイプ: Departmental Bulletin Paper
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