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「グローバル企業内労働市場」の活用 -日本板硝子における外国人社長の退場を契機に-

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タイトル: 「グローバル企業内労働市場」の活用 -日本板硝子における外国人社長の退場を契機に-
その他のタイトル: The "Grobal Internal Labor Market" and Japanese Corporate System: learing from the case of the Resignation from Foreign President in Japan Flat Glass Corp.
著者: 藤野, 哲也
著者(別表記) : Fujino, Tetsuya
発行日: 2013年 9月25日
出版者: 長崎大学経済学会 / Economics Society of Nagasaki University
引用: 經營と經濟, 93(1-2), pp.227-246; 2013
抄録: The purpose of this paper is, in the evolution of Globalization, to make clear the function and conditions of the“Global Internal Labor Market”in the US and European Multinational Companies, and to propose to the Japanese Multinational Companies how to manage their worldwide human resources in more effective and sophisticated manner. It happened that two foreign presidents, one promoted internally and another recruited from outside, had been driven to resign from Japan Flat Glass Corporation. On the other hand, there exist successful foreign presidents nominated in the Japanese Multinational Companies, for example, in Matsuda Motors Corporation and Nissan. It is a notable fact that in both case of Matsuda and Nissan those successful foreign presidents are nominated and assigned to such position within and through the“Global Internal Labor Market”of the each Consolidated Company Group. Under the Japanese Corporate System, the internal labor market is usually divided and independent each other even in the one Consolidated Company Group, and the transfer or promotion over the border of the Group Companies, especially from the Subsidiaries to the Parent Company, rarely happens. Learning from the practice and the principles of the global human resource management system in the Multinational Companies, it must be necessary and effective that Japanese Corporations would review and revise their corporate system and rebuild global human resource management system. At that attempt, the idea and the practices in “Global Internal Labor Market”would be a key factor for success.
記述: 矢島邦昭教授、ガン・ジェフリー教授、岡本芳太郎教授定年退職記念号 / In Honour of Prof. Kuniaki Yajima, Prof. Geoffrey C.Gunn, and Prof. Yoshitaro Okamoto
キーワード: Globalization / Global Internal Labor Market / Port of Entry / Japanese Corporate System
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/33929
ISSN: 02869101
資料タイプ: Departmental Bulletin Paper
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出現コレクション:第93巻 第1-2号

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