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Effects of Aeration Rate and Salinity Gradient on the Survival and Growth in the Early Life Stages of the Devil Stinger Inimicus japonicus

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タイトル: Effects of Aeration Rate and Salinity Gradient on the Survival and Growth in the Early Life Stages of the Devil Stinger Inimicus japonicus
その他のタイトル: 通気量と塩分勾配がオニオコゼ仔稚魚の生残と成長に与える影響
著者: Sakakura, Yoshitaka / Andou, Yoshihide / Tomioka, Chisato / Yogo, Shigeru / Kadomura, Kazushi / Miyaki, Kadoo / Hagiwara, Atsushi
著者(別表記) : 阪倉, 良孝 / 安藤, 嘉英 / 冨岡, 千里 / 余語, 滋 / 門村, 一志 / 宮木, 廉夫 / 萩原, 篤志
発行日: 2014年 3月
出版者: 日本水産増殖学会 / Japanese Society for Aquaculture Research
引用: 水産増殖, 62(1), pp.99-105; 2014
抄録: We examined the effects of a flow field in the rearing tank exhibited by different aeration rate and salinity gradient on the larviculture of the devil stinger Inimicus japonicus. Two different rearing experiments using 1 kl rearing tanks were conducted from hatching (day 0) to settlement. In the Experiment 1, fish were reared until day 21 in 5 different aeration rates (0-1200 ml/min). There was a significant and positive relationship between survival and aeration rate, and fish survival became stable at an aeration rate of more than 300 ml/min. In Experiment 2, the salinity gradient in a rearing tank was formed by pumping brackish water (22 ppt) from the surface and seawater (34 ppt) from the bottom at the same time. Control rearing tanks (34 ppt) were aerated at 300 ml/min and fish were reared until day 23. Growth and development was synchronized in the salinity gradient tanks with little standard deviation, although average survival at settlement in the salinity gradient tank (47.3 %) was lower than the aeration tank (68.2 %). The optimal aeration rate for devil stinger larviculture is stronger than 300 ml/min and introducing a salinity gradient can be a novel approach for enhancing performance of the fish. / 異なる通気量と塩分勾配がオニオコゼ仔魚飼育に与える影響を調べた。容量1klの円形水槽で2つの飼育実験を孵化仔魚(0日齢)より着底まで実施した。実験1では5つの異なる通気量(0-1200 ml/min)で21日齢までの飼育を行った。その結果,最終日の生残と通気量の間に有意な正の相関が検出され,300ml/min以上の通気量で生残が安定した。実験2では飼育水槽に水面から22pptの汽水,底面から34pptの海水をそれぞれ連続注入することで塩分勾配を形成させ,対照に34ppt海水に300ml/minの通気を施す水槽を設け,23日齢まで飼育した。その結果,塩分勾配水槽で飼育した魚の成長と着底が同調したが,飼育終了時の生残(47.3 %)は対照のそれ(68.2 %)より低い傾向があった。1kl規模でのオニオコゼの仔魚飼育には300ml/min以上の強い通気による水流が必要であることが明らかになり,さらに塩分勾配の飼育水槽への導入により種苗生産に新たな可能性を見いだした。
キーワード: Devil stinger / Aeration rate / Salinity gradient / Larviculture
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/34260
ISSN: 03714217
権利: © 2014 Japanese Society for Aquaculture Research
資料タイプ: Journal Article
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