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Title: 東部東シナ海における大気から海洋への栄養塩沈着量
Other Titles: Nutrient supply fluxes from atmosphere to ocean at the eastern East China Sea
Authors: 山田, 弥知 / 武田, 重信 / 田村, 圭 / 塩田, 友樹 / 吉村, 浩
Authors (alternative): Yamada, Misato / Takeda, Shigenobu / Tamura, Kei / Shiota, Yuki / Yoshimura, Hiroshi
Issue Date: Mar-2013
Publisher: 長崎大学水産学部 / The Faculty of Fisheries, Nagasaki University
Citation: 長崎大学水産学部研究報告, 94, pp.1-7; 2013
Abstract: In order to understand the significance of atmospheric nutrients deposited over the eastern East China Sea on the primary productivity, marine aerosols collected on board T/S Nagasaki-Maru from April to December 2010 were analyzed for water-soluble concentrations of NO3-, NO2-, NH4+, PO43-, and Si(OH)4. Deposition of inorganic nutrients mainly occurred as NO3- and NH4+. Only a small amount of atmospheric deposition fluxes for PO43-, and Si(OH)4 were observed during the observation period, and the average molar ratio of deposited water-soluble nutrients was 320 N: 1 P: 5.4 Si. Deposition fluxes of inorganic nitrogen in spring and autumn were 2.5~3.1 times higher than those observed in summer. In spring and autumn, atmospheric aerosols were under significant influences of polluted urban atmosphere from Chinese coast, and the nitrogen deposition increased along with magnitude of the Asian dust event. While unpolluted atmosphere from the North Pacific was dominant in summer. Our estimate of the atmospheric inorganic nitrogen deposition fluxes over the East China Sea between spring and autumn could account for ca. 40% of a biological nitrogen fixation in these waters, but it increased up to 200% of the biological fixation during the Asian dust events. / 大気から海洋への栄養塩沈着量を明らかにするため,2010年4月から12月に長崎丸にてエアロゾルを採集し,水溶性のNO3-,NO2-,NH4+,PO43-,Si(OH)4について分析した。沈着する栄養塩は,NO3-とNH4+が同が度に重要であり,NO3-は黄砂飛来時に多く沈着する。それに対してPO43-とSi(OH)4は非常に少なかった。春季と秋季の窒素沈着量は夏季に比べて2.5~3.1倍が度高く,清浄な海洋大気の影響を受ける夏季と,陸域の影響を受ける春季および秋季との間に違いがみられた。また本研究では春季より秋季のほうが窒素沈着量は多く,黄砂の量に大きく影響されることが推察される。東部東シナ海への大気からの無機窒素沈着は,中央値で見積もると生物窒素固定の40%と同が度のであり,最大供給量で見積もると200%の沈着があった。
Keywords: 乾性沈着量 / Dry deposition fluxes / 大気エアロゾル / Atmospheric aerosols / 東シナ海 / East China Sea / 黄砂 / Asian dust
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/34801
ISSN: 05471427
Type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
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