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Effects of Triglycerides on the Thermally Induced Gel-Forming Ability of Salt-Ground Fish Meat

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Title: Effects of Triglycerides on the Thermally Induced Gel-Forming Ability of Salt-Ground Fish Meat
Other Titles: 塩摺魚肉の熱ゲル形成能に及ぼすトリグリセリドの効果
Authors: Panggate, Erlinda B. / Shindo, Jo / Ichikawa, Hisashi
Authors (alternative): パンガット, リンダ / 進藤, 穣 / 市川, 寿
Issue Date: Mar-2015
Publisher: 長崎大学水産学部 / The Faculty of Fisheries, Nagasaki University
Citation: 長崎大学水産学部研究報告, 96, pp.1-5; 2015
Abstract: The gel-forming ability of the lean-fish (white croaker) surimi on the addition of vegetable oils or triglycerides were investigated. Addition of oils to fish surimi alter the softness of fish paste. However, effects of the adding varying levels of rice, soybean and olive oils were not only in decreasing, but also in increasing the gel strength of white croaker surimi after the addition of a few %(W/W) of the oils. Breaking strengths (BS) of these heat-induced gels significantly increased to 1.12 times when rice oil was mixed at 2% concentration of the surimi, 1.19 times when soybean oil was mixed at 2%, and 1.20 times when olive oil was mixed at 4%. BS of each heat-induced gel declined with increasing levels of vegetable oils, i.e. 4%, 6% and 8%. A similar study was also employed using the triglycerides, trilinolein, triolein and tristearin. Effects of these triglycerides were evidently relative to the concentrations in the gels. The addition of less than 4~5% of three types of triglyceride except tripalmitin gave a significantly higher BS value than that of the control white croaker surimi gel, but excessive addition decreased the BS value. Only tripalmitin showed decreasing effect on the BS value of the gel at all concentrations tested. These results suggest that some triglycerides (trilinolein, triolein and tristearin) in vegetable oils show reinforcing and obstructing (softening) effects on the thermally induced gel-forming ability of the lean-fish surimi. / 長寿高齢化社会への移行に伴い,咀嚼嚥下の容易な魚肉練り製品が求められている。魚肉練り製品を柔らかく,しかも食塊形成し易い性状にするために植物油の添加が有効である。本報告は,この植物油の効果がトリグリセリドの種類と量によって生じる事を示した。シログチの塩ずり身にトリパルミチン,トリステアリン,トリオレイン,トリリノレインをそれぞれ最大で魚肉の8%まで添加し加熱ゲルを形成させたところ,トリパルミチンは添加濃度に依存しすり身ゲルの強度を25%まで低下させたが,他のトリグリセリドは,極少量添加(トリステアリンとトリリノレインでは1%,トリオレインでは2%)で一旦ゲル強度の増強効果を示した後、それ以上の添加で軟化効果を発現した。これらの結果から,すり身への種々の植物油添加が魚肉ゲルを軟化させる効果は,植物油中トリグリセリド成分の種類と量により決定されると考えられた。
Keywords: gel-forming ability / surimi / vegetable oil / triglyceride
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/35174
ISSN: 05471427
Type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
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