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Genetic and growth differences in the outcrossings between two clonal strains of the self-fertilizing mangrove killifish

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タイトル: Genetic and growth differences in the outcrossings between two clonal strains of the self-fertilizing mangrove killifish
著者: Nakamura, Yukino / Suga, Koushirou / Sakakura, Yoshitaka / Sakamoto, Takashi / Hagiwara, Atsushi
発行日: 2008年 9月
出版者: National Research Council of Canada
引用: Canadian Journal of Zoology, 86(9), pp.976-982; 2008
抄録: The populations of the only known self-fertilizing vertebrate Kryptolebias marmoratus (Poey, 1880) (formerly known as Rivulus marmoratus Poey, 1880; Cyprinodontiformes: Aplocheilidae) usually consist of different homozygous lineages; however, heterozygous individuals are found occasionally and ratios of homozygosity and heterozygosity in populations are dependent on the proportion of males. However, it is still unclear what impact male-mediated genetic diversity has on the phenotype of K. marmoratus. To clarify this, we attempted outcrossing between male and hermaphrodite of two different clonal strains with different life-history traits using artificial insemination, and examined the genotypes and growth of the hybrid F2 generation. We detected genetic differences between the two clonal strains using amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) analysis with 3 primer combinations, and then obtained 11 AFLP markers. From a total of 31 artificial inseminations with two clonal strains, 1 of 13 hatched fish clearly indicated heterozygosity. The hybrid F2 generations were also heterozygous. Moreover, the growths of the hybrid F2 generation were intermediate of the parental strains from days 0 to 30. Therefore, outcrossing changes genetic architecture and the new genotypes potentially result in new phenotypes of the subsequent generations of K. marmoratus. It may also play a role in adaptation to new environments and the facilitation of local adaptation.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/35714
ISSN: 00084301
DOI: 10.1139/Z08-075
権利: © 2008 NRC Research Press
資料タイプ: Journal Article
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