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Efficiency of the Lung Flute for sputum induction in patients with presumed pulmonary tuberculosis

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タイトル: Efficiency of the Lung Flute for sputum induction in patients with presumed pulmonary tuberculosis
その他のタイトル: 肺結核が疑われる患者におけるラングフルートの喀痰誘発能
著者: 阪下, 健太郎
著者(別表記) : Sakashita, Kentaro
発行日: 2018年 3月20日
出版者: John Wiley & Sons Ltd
引用: Nagasaki University (長崎大学), 博士(医学) (2018-03-20)
抄録: Introduction: High quality sputum helps increase the sensitivity of the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis. Objectives: To evaluate the efficiency of the acoustic device (Lung Flute; LF) in sputum induction compared with the conventional method, hypertonic saline inhalation (HSI). Methods: In this crossover study, patients with presumed pulmonary tuberculosis submitted 3 consecutive sputa: the first sputum without induction and the second and third ones using LF and HSI. We compared the efficiency of the 2 induction methods. Results: Sixty‐four participants were eligible. Thirty‐five (54.6%) patients had negative smears on the first sputum without induction. Among those patients, 25.7% and 22.9% patients were smear‐positive after using LF and HSI, respectively (P = .001). The positive conversion rate was not significantly different between the methods. The first samples without induction yielded 65.7% positive cultures, whereas 71.4% and 77.1% of the samples from LF and HSI were positive, respectively (P = .284). Similar results were observed in the nucleic acid amplification test [no induction (60.0%), LF (72.0%) and HSI (60.0%); P = .341]. In 29 smear‐positive patients on the first sputum without induction, we observed no significant increase in smear grade, culture yield and nucleic acid amplification test positivity with either method. LF tended to induce fewer adverse events; desaturation (3.1% vs 11.1%; P = .082) and throat pain (1.5% vs 9.5%; P = .057). LF showed significantly fewer total adverse events (15.8% vs 34.9%; P = .023). Conclusions: Our study showed LF had similar sputum induction efficiency to HSI with relatively fewer complications.
記述: 長崎大学学位論文 学位記番号:博(医歯薬)甲第1063号 学位授与年月日:平成30年3月20日 / Author: Kentaro Sakashita, Akira Fujita, Mikio Takamori, Takayuki Nagai, Tomoshige Matsumoto, Takefumi Saito, Taku Nakagawa, Kenji Ogawa, Eriko Shigeto, Yasuto Nakatsumi, Hajime Goto, Satoshi Mitarai / Citation: The Clinical Respiratory Journal, 12(4), pp.1503-1509, 2018
キーワード: cough / pulmonary infection / symptom / tuberculosis
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/38365
ISSN: 17526981
DOI: 10.1111/crj.12697
関連リンク : http://hdl.handle.net/10069/38105
権利: © 2017 The Authors. The Clinical Respiratory Journal Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd / This is an open access article under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.
資料タイプ: Thesis or Dissertation
原稿種類: ETD
出現コレクション:110 学位論文

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