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Usability of selenium fortified Chlorella diet for rotifer resting egg production and hatching

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タイトル: Usability of selenium fortified Chlorella diet for rotifer resting egg production and hatching
その他のタイトル: シオミズツボワムシの耐久卵形成に対するセレン強化クロレラの有効性
著者: Han, Chengyan / Kim, Hee-Jin / Li, Mingyou / Hagiwara, Atsushi
著者(別表記) : 韓, 程燕 / 金, 禧珍 / 李, 名友 / 萩原, 篤志
発行日: 2018年 6月20日
出版者: Japanese Society for Aquaculture Research / 日本水産増殖学会
引用: Aquaculture science, 66(2), pp.111-116; 2018
抄録: Our previous study elucidated that commercial Chlorella vulgaris induces the resting egg production of the euryhaline rotifer Brachionus plicatilis sensu stricto caused by selenium (Se) fortification. This study confirmed production efficiency and hatchability of resting eggs with the commercial Se-fortified C. vulgaris. The aforementioned parameters were compared to those with Tetraselmis tetrathele (control) which is an optimal diet for resting egg production and hatching. The rotifers pre-cultured with Nannochloropsis oculata, and the produced resting eggs were employed to test diet effects. The hatching rate of collected resting eggs was estimated and then hatchlings were used for next generation culture. For the resting egg production with two different diets, T. tetrathele induced significantly higher productivity in the first generation, while no differences were observed in the second generations between two diets T. tetrathele and C. vulgaris. The resting eggs with N. oculata showed 6.0% of hatching rate, whereas it notably increased with two tested diets. The highest hatching rate was observed with C. vulgaris feedin(74.0-81.0%) through the all tested generations. The obtained results exhibit the possibility of C. vulgaris feeding for the mass production of rotifer resting eggs. / シオミズツボワムシ Brachionus plicatilis sensu stricto (L型,NH1L株)の耐久卵量産のため,セレン強化クロレラ(Chlorella vulgaris,スーパー生クロレラ,クロレラ工業)の有効性が確認されているが,形成された耐久卵の孵化については不明のままである。本研究ではセレン強化クロレラの耐久卵孵化に対する有効性を確認するため,親世代(Nannochloropsis oculata 給餌)から次の2世代(クロレラ又は Tetraselmis tetrathele 給餌)を通じ,耐久卵形成率と孵化率を比較した。クロレラを給餌したワムシは,耐久卵を経由した世代において,従来最も良いと報告された T. tetrathele を給餌したワムシより,安定的に孵化率が高い耐久卵を形成することが確かめられた。
キーワード: Rotifera / Selenium / Chlorella vulgaris / Resting egg / Hatchability
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ISSN: 03714217
権利: © 2018 Japanese Society for Aquaculture Research
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