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沖縄におけるトキソプラスマ症の疫学的研究 : 特に赤血球凝集反応を指標とした一農村におけるトキソプラスマ感染の実態

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Title: 沖縄におけるトキソプラスマ症の疫学的研究 : 特に赤血球凝集反応を指標とした一農村におけるトキソプラスマ感染の実態
Other Titles: Immuno-epidemiological Studies on Toxoplasmosis in Okinawa : Surveys on Toxoplasma Infection in a Rural Village by Means of Hemagglutination Test
Authors: 宮里, 栄二
Authors (alternative): Miyazato, Eiji
Issue Date: Jan-1971
Publisher: 長崎大学熱帯医学研究所 / Institute of Tropical Medicine, Nagasaki University
Citation: 熱帯医学 Tropical medicine 12(4). p210-220, 1971
Abstract: An immuno-epidemiological study on toxoplasmosis was made by examing HA antibody among inhabitants and domestic pigs in Haebaru District which is situated at southern part of Okinawa Island. And 585 inpatients suffered from various kind of diseases including enceyhalitis and menigitis were also tested in relation to their clinical systems. The purpose of the present study is to make clear the present status and mode of the infection among residents of farm district in Okinawa. Viewing the results obtained from 858 pupils of Haebaru Junior High School, there was found a significant difference in distribution of positive reactions among the student groups in 12 minute communities where they are living. The positive rates varied from 22.2 per cent in Kamisato to 4.8 per cent in Arakawa. Whole population was tested at two communities, a pig farm, Kamisato and another vegitable focality, Yamakawa. The positive reactors were demonstrated in 34.4 per cent of the population at Yamakawa and in 49.3 per cent at Kamisato where the domestic pigs were also highly sensitized. The cumulative frepuency distribution curves of positive reaction by age in these communities revealed the up-ward curve as increase of age reaching its critical level at their school age. Therefore, this is indicative that the infection of toxoplasma in man usually occures in younger generation. HA antibody was demonstrated in 18.8 per cent of 346 domestic pigs in Kamisato. The percentage of positives and its antibody titer are different by sexes, body weight and species. Generally speaking, it is higher in female and mature pigs. Chester, a species of pig, may be more sensitive against toxoplasma infection. Geographic distribution of the positive reactors among the inpatients of Okiniwa Red Cross Hospital apparently biased in the patient group from southern part fo Okinawa main island and islet areas. In the patients diagnosed to be encephalitis, meningitis or patients with headach complaints, HA antibody was demonstrated in higher rates and in high titers. / 著者は沖繩に於けるトキソプラスマ症感染の実態を抗体疫学的の面から追究する目的で沖繩本島南部の一農村南風村の一般住民及び飼育中のブタを対象として感作赤血球凝集反応を実施した.又併せて沖繩赤十字病院入院患者にも同様検索を行って次の結果を得た.1)南風原中学校生徒855名の成績をみるとその保有率抗体価共に3年生に最も高いが,生徒の居住部落によって大きな保有率の差がみられる.2)神里,山川の二つの小部落住民,ブタについて得た成績ではブタ飼育の盛んな前者に人,ブタ共に明かにその保有率が高く,後者に低い.3)住民の抗体保有率は年令と共に上昇するが,陽性反応の年令集積をみると概ね中学校年令でピークに近い価に達し,トキソプラスマ感染が若い年令層におこることが窺われる.4)ブタに於ける抗体産性は一般に雄より雌に,児ブタより成ブタに高い.ブタの種ではChester Whiteが感染に対する感受性が強い.5)入院患者585名の成績では沖繩南部高島の患者に陽性が高く,脳炎,脳脊髄膜炎及び頭痛をうったえる患者に抗体価の高いものが多い.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/4082
ISSN: 03855643
Type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
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