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Title: 発熱ウサギの視床下部温とその局所脳血流量
Other Titles: Blood Flow Changes in the Hypothalamus during Pyrogen-induced Fever in Rabbits
Authors: 井元, 孝章 / 大渡, 伸 / 小坂, 光男
Authors (alternative): Inomoto, Takaakira / Ohwatari, Nobu / Kosaka, Mitsuo
Issue Date: 30-Nov-1979
Publisher: 長崎大学熱帯医学研究所 / Institute of Tropical Medicine, Nagasaki University
Citation: 熱帯医学 Tropical medicine 21(3). p153-160, 1979
Abstract: 体温調節の観点から,とくに発熱時の脳局所血流量の変化について興味がもたれる.今回,水素ガス・クリアランス法によりウサギの視床下部(視束前野)血流量の測定を行い,pyrogen発熱時の視床下部温に及ぼす脳局所血流量の影響について検討した.室温を約28℃に保ち,無麻酔にて,ウサギの頭部を脳定位固定装置で固定し,穿頭後視床下部の一側に視床下部温測定用熱電対を,対側に視床下部血流量測定のため白金-白金黒電極を挿入した.不関電極は頭部皮下に縫著した.血流量の算定は,水素ガス吸入後描記されたクリアランス曲線を片対数グラフにプロットし,吸入停止後の40秒間を除いたinitial slope法により行った.ウサギを2群に分け,コントロール群に生食水を,他群にはLPS-pyrogenを生食水に溶解し,それぞれ耳介後静脈に投与した.視床下部血流量および温度測定に加え,直腸温・耳介皮膚温・呼吸数を測定し,それらの経時的変化を両群にて比較した.pyrogen投与後,視床下部血流量の変化はとくに視床下部温の2峯性の変化に同期し,また同様の増減傾向を示した.このことから,pyrogen発熱時の視床下部温の変化には,局所血流量の増減も関与していると考えられる.視床下部血流変化と同時記録した体温調節の諸反応指標から体温の神経性調節機序について二・三の検討が加えられた. / It has been generally accepted that local brain temperature has three physical factors, i. e., metabolic heat production in local cerebral tissue, local blood flow, and the temperature of inflowing blood. From the thermoregulatory point of view, it is particularly important to determine how these three factors regulate the hypothalamic temperature. The present study was designed to evaluate changes in hypothalamic blood flow during pyrogen-induced fever in rabbits. A hydrogen clearance method was used to measure cerebral blood flow with conscious animals restrained stereotaxically. Blood flows were calculated from the initial slope of hydrogen clearance curves. After intravenous injection of LPS-pyrogen (from E. coli), the blood flow was increased or decreased with similar shifts of biphasic character in hypothalamic temperature. This suggests that blood flow changes in the hypothalamus may play an important role in fluctuations of hypothalamic temperature during pyrogen-induced fever.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/4262
ISSN: 03855643
Type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
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