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Title: 実験的フィラリア症に於けるリンパ系の変化
Other Titles: Changes of lymphatic system in cats experimentally infected with Brugia filariasis.
Authors: 坂本, 信
Authors (alternative): Sakamoto, Makoto
Issue Date: 27-Dec-1980
Publisher: 長崎大学熱帯医学研究所 / Institute of Tropical Medicine, Nagasaki University
Citation: 熱帯医学 Tropical medicine 22(4). p223-236, 1980
Abstract: 著者はB.pahangi, B.malayiをネコの足背又は鼠径部に接種し,15日から3年6ヶ月に亘り,経時的にリンパ管造影及び組織学的観察を行い次の結果を得た.リンパ系におこる病変はきわめて早期に接種側の膝窩リンパ節の肥大にはじまり次いでリンパ管炎,リンパ管周囲炎,リンパ管の拡張,リンパの流れの障害が接種側のみならず,次第に反対側や骨盤腔,腹腰部におよび,古くなると節は萎縮し,リンパ管は複雑な側副行を形成するに至る.炎症性変化は好中球のほか,好酸球,リンパ球,組織球,形質細胞の浸潤を主体とするもので,ミクロフィラリアの産出時期,特にDECの投与によって著明な激化がみられる.これら一連の変化はフィラリア感染によるcell mediate typeのhypersen-sitivity reactionの組織学的表現と解釈される.恐らく溶血性連鎖球菌の混合感染がなくてもフィラリア感染の繰返しによって炎症を頻発し,慢性のフィラリア症にみられるような広範なlymphangioade-nopathyに発展するものと考えられる. / The pathological changes of lymphatic system produced by filarial infection were investigated in the experimental model. 19 cats were inoculated subcutaneously into the left dorsal foot with the infective-stage larvae of B. malayi and B. pahangi and examined chronologically from 15 days to 3 years and 6 months after inoculation using lymphography and histopathology. As the main changes on lymphogram, dilatation of the lymphatics, enlargement of the popliteal lymphnode were visible even in early stage of the infection and tortuosity of the lymphatics, leakage and stasis of contrast medium successively occured. In the long-standing infection over 2 years, collateral formation, anastomoses of the lymphatics and absence of the popliteal lymphnode were demonstrated. Histological section showed the lymphadenitis, lymphangitis manifesting characteristic lymphocytes, plasma cells infiltration and eosinophilic response which suggested an immune reaction of the cell mediated type. A obstructive changes of the lymphatics containing the adult worm developed due to the thickening of the lymphatic wall or thrombus formation in the lumen. In the old cases of the infection the popliteal lymphnode became atrophic showing a marked loss of lymphofollicles and disappearance of the germinal center. It was noted that administration of diethylcarbamazine 30mg/kg to the infected cats having microfilaria provoked a strong inflammatory reaction of lymphatic vessels and perilymphatic tissues surrounding the adult worm.
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ISSN: 03855643
Type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
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