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Title: 精製アレルゲンおよびIgG誘導抗原の犬糸状虫体内局在部位.螢光抗体法による証明
Other Titles: Localization of Highly Purified Allergen and IgG-inducing Antigen in Adult Dirofilaria immitis Determined by Fluorescent Antibody Test
Authors: 藤田, 紘一郎 / 月舘, 説子
Authors (alternative): Fujita, Koichiro / Tsukidate, Setsuko
Issue Date: 28-Dec-1982
Publisher: 長崎大学熱帯医学研究所 / Institute of Tropical Medicine, Nagasaki University
Citation: 熱帯医学 Tropical medicine 24(4). p219-227, 1982
Abstract: 犬糸状虫より単一の糖蛋白として精製されたアレルゲンおよびIgG誘導抗原の虫体内局在部位をアレルゲンおよびIgG誘導抗原で過免疫したラット血清を用い,間接螢光抗体法で調べた.IgG誘導抗原は虫体の筋層,とくに角皮内層突起部や側索に存在していた.しかし,アレルゲンの局在部位は虫体組織内ではそれはど明瞭ではなく,特異抗体が時々消化管内壁に見られるにすぎなかった.しかし,オクタロニー法たよってアレルゲンは虫体の分泌・排泄液(ES抗原)中に多量に存在することが明らかにされ,アレルゲンが虫の分泌・排泄液中に局在していることが判明した.なお,ミクロフィラリアはIgG誘導抗原を有していたが,アレルゲンは全く含んでいなかった.ES抗原は,雄成虫あるいは雌成虫いずれから由来したものでも多量のアレルゲンを含んでおり,その他少量のIgG誘導抗原を有していた. / The localization of the allergen as well as the IgG-inducing antigen in the Dirofilaria immitis was determined by the fluorescent antibody test. The IgG-inducing antigen was located at the site of the musculature inside of cuticle and the lateral lines of the adult worm. On the other hand, the specific localized site of the allergen was not observed clearly in the worm body itself, but excretory and secretory (ES) products derived from the adult worm were determined to be important source of the allergen. A precipitine line was observed in Ouchterlony's gel diffusion method between ES antigen and the hyperimmunized anti-allergen rat serum. Microfilaria was determined to have no allergen at all, but some amounts of the IgG-inducing antigen. ES antigen either from a male or a female worm was mainly composed of the allergen, but contained relatively smaller amounts of IgG-inducing antigen.
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ISSN: 03855643
Type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
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