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Title: PrecipitationによるZnSe単結晶の転位観察
Other Titles: Observation of Dislocation Lines in ZnSe Single Crytal by Precipitation
Authors: 竹野下, 寛
Authors (alternative): Takenoshita, Hiroshi
Issue Date: Jun-2000
Citation: 長崎大学教育学部紀要. 教育科学. vol.66, p.57-72; 2004 / 長崎大学教育学部紀要. 自然科学. vol.63, p.11-19; 2000
Abstract: II-VI族化合物半導体ZnSeは, 禁制帯幅(Eg)=2.67eVで淡黄色の透明な結晶である。そのため, precipitationにより転位線が不透明な材料でdecorateされた場合, 通常の光学顕微鏡で透過光を使い転移線を観察することが出来る。試料ZnSeは,単結晶成長時に多量のCu不純物(CuCl_2 : 0.9&acd;6×10^<-3>mol%)を粉末ZnSe(6N)と混合して仕込み,Ar雰囲気流でPiper-Polish法で成長させた。単結晶育成の冷却過程で飽和融解量を越えたCuはprecipitateして転位線などの結晶欠陥をdecorateすることになる。この様にして成長させたas-grown単結晶を(110)劈開して厚さ0.2&acd;0.5mmの薄板にする。これを試料に用い, as-grownの状態で透過光を使い光学顕微鏡で観察した。製作したZnSe単結晶のCu不純物仕込量が2×10^<-3>mol%の試料を中心にdecorateされた像を光学顕微鏡観察した。焦点位置の違いにより, 巨視的に転位線は繋がっているものの, シャープな転位線像が得られる位置は移動している。decorateされたCuは劈開面(110)でなく, すべり面(111)にprecipitateし, <111>方向に転位線をdecorateしていることが分かった。 / A II-VI compound semiconductor ZnSe is a transparent crystal in the visibility light of a lemon yellow with energy gap (Eg)=2.67eV. Therefore, we can observe dislocation lines that was done decorate by using transmission light with a usual optical microscope, in the case that dislocation lines was done decorate with an opaque material by precipitation. Cu that exceeded saturation fusion quantity with the cooling process assumed to do precipitate and do crystalline defects such as dislocation lines decorate. Specimen ZnSe mixed dopeant Cu impurities (CuCl_2 : 0.9&acd;6×10^<-3>mol%) with powder ZnSe (6N) at the time of single crystal growth and caused to grow with Piper-Polish method with a preparation, flow of Ar atmosphere gas flow. The as-grown simple crystal that caused grown in this way dose (110) cleavage and make a wafer of 0.2&acd;0.5mm thick. We observed dislocation lines that uses this wafer to a specimen and did precipitate with a optical microscope by transmission light. The wafer as a specimen observed the photographs that was done decorate centering around the specimen of the preparation quantity 2×10^<-3>mol% of the Cu impurity, with an optical microscope. Although microscopically decorate line is connected by the difference of the focus position, the position where a sharp line is obtained and is moving. Impurity Cu that was done decorate is nonexistent in cleavage plane (110), understood that precipitation is doing it in slip plane of (111) and dislocation linesdecorat were directite of <111>.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/6083
ISSN: 13451359
Type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
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