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10-Jul-2019運動後における高濃度人工炭酸泉下腿浴の身体冷却効果に関する研究田中, 佑季; 藤森, 加奈恵; 長野, 央歩; 田井村, 明博日本生理人類学会誌, 24(2), pp.63-71; 2019View/Open
10-Jan-2019Deposition of long-range transported particulate matter on the needle surfaces of Japanese cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa) grown in Nagasaki located in the western region of JapanYAMAGUCHI, Masahiro; TSUJI, Sayaka; OGATA, Kasumi; IDE, Hayato; MATSUSHITA, Taketomo; MURAO, NaotoJournal of Agricultural Meteorology, 75(1), pp.30-38; 2019View/Open
26-Dec-2018Statistical resolutions for large variabilities in hair mineral analysisNakamura, Tsuyoshi; Yamada, Tomomi; Kataoka, Koshi; Sera, Koichiro; Saunders, Todd; Takatsuji, Toshihiro; Makie, Toshio; Nose, YoshiakiPLoS ONE, 13(12), e0208816; 2018View/Open
1-Nov-2018Developing national frameworks for inclusive sustainable development incorporating lifestyle factor importanceChapman, Andrew; Shigetomi, YosukeJournal of Cleaner Production, 200, pp.39-47; 2018View/Open
Nov-2018大学生の夏季日常生活下における温度環境の実態調査藤森, 加奈恵; 田井村, 明博日本生理人類学会誌, 23(4), pp.149-154; 2018View/Open
31-Oct-2018地理教育における領土教育の重要性(第2報)―大学生を対象とした2018年及び2016年の認識調査結果の比較考察から―深見, 聡地理教育研究, 23, pp.29-38; 2018View/Open
15-Oct-2018Visualizing the shape of society: An analysis of public bads and burden allocation due to household consumption using an input-output approachChapman, Andrew; Shigetomi, YosukeScience of the Total Environment, 639, pp.385-396; 2018View/Open
15-Oct-2018Driving forces underlying sub-national carbon dioxide emissions within the household sector and implications for the Paris Agreement targets in JapanShigetomi, Yosuke; Matsumoto, Ken'ichi; Ogawa, Yuki; Shiraki, Hiroto; Yamamoto, Yuki; Ochi, Yuki; Ehara, TomokiApplied Energy, 228, pp.2321-2332; 2018View/Open
Oct-2018Corrigendum to “REDD+ Financing to Enhance Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation and Biodiversity Co-benefits: Lessons from the Global Environment Facility”Morita, Kanako; Matsumoto, Ken'ichiAGRIVITA Journal of Agricultural Science, 40(3), pp.567-568; 2018View/Open
1-Sep-2018Hydrogeochemical evolution of groundwater in a Quaternary sediment and Cretaceous sandstone unconfined aquifer in Northwestern ChinaYu, Zhi-Qiang; Amano, Hiroki; Nakagawa, Kei; Berndtsson, RonnyEnvironmental Earth Sciences, 77(18), art.no.629; 2018View/Open
24-Jul-2018Long-term evolution of preferences for conservation projects in the Seto Inland Sea, Japan: a comprehensive analytic frameworkUehara, Takuro; Tsuge, Takahiro; Ota, TakahiroPeerJ, 2018(7), art. no. e5366; 2018View/Open
9-May-2018Surface water chemistry and nitrate pollution in Shimabara, Nagasaki, JapanAmano, Hiroki; Nakagawa, Kei; Berndtsson, RonnyEnvironmental Earth Sciences, 77(9), 354; 2018View/Open
8-May-2018KI-Tetraethylene Glycol Complex as an Effective Catalyst for the Synthesis of Cyclic Thiocarbonates from Epoxides and CS2Okada, Megumi; Nishiyori, Ryuichi; Kaneko, Shiho; Igawa, Kazunobu; Shirakawa, SeijiEuropean Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2018(17), pp.2022-2027; 2018 View/Open
23-Apr-2018The evolution of a floodplain aquaculture management system in BangladeshBayazid, Yamin; Miyanishi, Takayuki; Umetsu, Chieko; Hamasaki, HironoriInternational Journal of the Commons, 12(1), pp.249-277; 2018View/Open
Mar-2018カネミ油症と台湾油症の比較 -患者の症状、認定基準(日本)・患者登録(台湾)を中心に-金, 星九州地区国立大学教育系・文系研究論文集, 5(2), No.4; 2018View/Open
Mar-2018Differences in the fractions of ice clouds between eastern and western parts of Eurasian continent using CALIPSO in January 2007Yamauchi, Akira; Kawamoto, Kazuaki; Okamoto, HajimeAtomospheric Science Letters, 19(3), e807; 2018View/Open
Feb-2018REDD+ Financing to Enhance Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation and Biodiversity Co-benefits: Lessons from the Global Environment FacilityMorita, Kanako; Matsumoto, Ken'ichiAGRIVITA Journal of Agricultural Science, 40(1), pp.118-130; 2018View/Open
18-Jan-2018Key Drivers for Cooperation toward Sustainable Development and the Management of CO2 Emissions: Comparative Analysis of Six Northeast Asian CountriesChapman, Andrew; Fujii, Hidemichi; Managi, ShunsukeSustainability, 10(1), 244; 2018View/Open
2018Tropospheric ozone reduces resistance of Japonica rice (Oryza sativa L., cv. Koshihikari) to lodgingYAMAGUCHI, Masahiro; NISHI, Yuriko; KAWADA, Sayaka; NAKASHIMA, KentaroJournal of Agricultural Meteorology, 74(3), pp.97-101; 2018View/Open
28-Dec-2017Research and Development Strategy for Fishery Technology Innovation for Sustainable Fishery Resource Management in North-East AsiaFujii, Hidemichi; Sakakura, Yoshitaka; Hagiwara, Atsushi; Bostock, John; Soyano, Kiyoshi; Matsushita, YoshikiSustainability, 10(1), 59; 2017View/Open
Showing results 1 to 20 of 203


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