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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)CitationFiles
Aug-2019Online assessment of sand filter performance for bacterial removal in a full-scale drinking water treatment plantFujioka, Takahiro; Ueyama, Tetsuro; Mingliang, Fang; Leddy, MenuChemosphere, 229, pp.509-514; 2019View/Open
1-Jul-2019Formulation of stress concentration factors for concrete-filled steel tubular (CFST) K-joints under three loading conditions without shear forcesZheng, Jian; Nakamura, Shozo; Okumatsu, Toshihiro; Nishikawa, TakafumiEngineering Structures, 190, pp.90-100; 2019View/Open
1-Jul-2019Synthesis and photophysical properties of butterfly-shaped dinuclear Pt(II) complex having NHC-based chelate ligandsMoon, Sangjoon; Horiuchi, Shinnosuke; Sakuda, Eri; Ito, Akitaka; Arikawa, Yasuhiro; Umakoshi, KeisukeInorganica Chimica Acta, 493, pp.43-48; 2019 View/Open
Jul-2019メディアの特性を生かした土木の「魅せかた×見せかた」 「NO DOBOKU, NO LIFE.」写真で伝える「土木の魅力」とは出水, 享; 松永, 昭吾; 白田, 雅彦; 今田, 一典道路, 940, pp.4-11; 2019View/Open
1-Jun-2019Assessment of online bacterial particle counts for monitoring the performance of reverse osmosis membrane process in potable reuseFujioka, Takahiro; Makabe, Ryo; Mori, Naomichi; Snyder, Shane A.; Leddy, MenuScience of the Total Environment, 667, pp.540-544; 2019View/Open
Jun-2019Quantitative condition inspection and assessment of tunnel liningJiang, Yujing; Zhang, Xuepeng; Taniguchi, TetsuyaAutomation in Construction, 102, pp.258-269; 2019View/Open
27-May-2019New insights into the heat of adsorption of water, acetonitrile, and n-hexane in porous carbon with oxygen functional groupsUrita, Chiharu; Urita, Koki; Araki, Takuya; Horio, Keiji; Yoshida, Masayuki; Moriguchi, IsamuJournal of Colloid and Interface Science, 552, pp.412-417; 2019View/Open
15-May-2019Potentiometric CO sensors using anion-conducting polymer electrolyte: Effects of the kinds of noble metal-loaded metal oxides as sensing-electrode materials on CO-sensing propertiesHyodo, Takeo; Takamori, Mari; Goto, Toshiyuki; Ueda, Taro; Shimizu, YasuhiroSensors and Actuators, B: Chemical, 287, pp.42-52; 2019View/Open
6-May-2019Simulation of voltage/current waveforms and contact area of pulsed surface discharge on waterFurusato, Tomohiro; Yamamoto, Yota; Sakamoto, Takuya; Oura, Kazushi; Matsuda, Yoshinobu; Yamashita, TakahikoIEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, 26(2), pp.439-446; 2019View/Open
1-May-2019Arrangement of a NO ligand and the neighboring sulfur-containing species on a dinuclear ruthenium complex by ligand substitution and linkage isomerism of a dimethyl sulfoxide ligandArikawa, Yasuhiro; Otsubo, Yuji; Nakayama, Tomofumi; Mitsuda, Naoto; Horiuchi, Shinnosuke; Sakuda, Eri; Umakoshi, KeisukeInorganica Chimica Acta, 490, pp.45-50; 2019View/Open
1-May-2019Spinodal decomposition in a melt-spun Cu-15Ni-8Sn alloyKondo, Shin-ichiro; Nakashima, Hiromichi; Morimura, TakaoPhysica B: Condensed Matter, 560, pp.244-254; 2019View/Open
28-Apr-2019Encapsulation condition dependent photophysical properties of polypyridyl Ru(ii) complexes within a hydrogen-bonded capsuleHoriuchi, Shinnosuke; Tanaka, Hiroto; Sakuda, Eri; Arikawa, Yasuhiro; Umakoshi, KeisukeDalton Transactions, 48(16), pp.5156-5160; 2019View/Open
24-Apr-2019Improvement in NO2 Sensing Properties of Semiconductor-Type Gas Sensors by Loading of Au Into Porous In2O3 PowdersUeda, Taro; Ishida, Keijiro; Kamada, Kai; Hyodo, Takeo; Shimizu, YasuhiroFrontiers in Materials, 6, 81; 2019View/Open
26-Mar-2019Design of slit width to improve space harmonic distribution in a slit stator motorYokoi, Yuichi; Hashizume, Ryuta; Higuchi, TsuyoshiIET Electric Power Applications, 13(8), pp.1125-1130; 2019View/Open
10-Mar-2019Determination of Crystal Growth Geometry Factors and Nucleation Site Densities of Electrodeposited Ferromagnetic Cobalt Nanowire ArraysSaeki, Ryusei; Ohgai, TakeshiCrystals, 9(3), art.no.142; 2019View/Open
22-Feb-2019Novel Ca 2+ -independent carbohydrate recognition of the C-type lectins, SPL-1 and SPL-2, from the bivalve Saxidomus purpuratusUnno, Hideaki; Itakura, Shuhei; Higuchi, Shuhei; Goda, Shuichiro; Yamaguchi, Kenichi; Hatakeyama, TomomitsuProtein Science, 28(4), pp.766-778; 2019View/Open
1-Feb-2019Revisiting aqueous redox process of alkyl-linked bis-viologen: Evaluation of redox potential inversionSagara, Takamasa; Eguchi, HitomiElectrochimica Acta, 295, pp.215-223; 2019View/Open
1-Feb-2019Experimental Study on the Shear-Flow Coupled Behavior of Tension Fractures Under Constant Normal Stiffness Boundary ConditionsWang, Changsheng; Jiang, Yujing; Luan, Hengjie; Liu, Jiankang; Sugimoto, SatoshiProcesses, 7(2), art.no.57; 2019View/Open
23-Jan-2019Design of solid/gas composite insulation system with embedded electrodeYamashita, Takahiko; Furusato, Tomohiro; Asari, Naoki; Sato, JunichiIEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, 26(1), pp.56-63; 2019View/Open
15-Jan-2019Lamellarin-inspired potent topoisomerase I inhibitors with the unprecedented benzo[g][1]benzopyrano[4,3-b]indol-6(13H)-one scaffoldFukuda, Tsutomu; Nanjo, Yusuke; Fujimoto, Masahiro; Yoshida, Kenyu; Natsui, Yuko; Ishibashi, Fumito; Okazaki, Fumiyasu; To, Hideto; Iwao, MasatomoBioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, 27(2), pp.265-277; 2019View/Open
Showing results 1 to 20 of 908


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