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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)CitationFiles
16-Sep-2020Synergistic Effects of PdOx–CuOx Loadings on Methyl Mercaptan Sensing of Porous WO3 Microspheres Prepared by Ultrasonic Spray PyrolysisTammanoon, Nantikan; Iwamoto, Takumi; Ueda, Taro; Hyodo, Takeo; Wisitsoraat, Anurat; Liewhiran, Chaikarn; Shimizu, YasuhiroACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 12(37), pp.41728-41739; 2020View/Open
9-Sep-2020Assessment of 265-nm UV-LED for direct photolysis and advanced oxidation of N-nitrosamines and 1,4-dioxaneFujioka, Takahiro; Kodamatani, Hitoshi; Yoshikawa, Takumi; Inoue, Daisuke; Ikehata, KeisukeEnvironmental Technology and Innovation, 20, art.no.101147; 2020View/Open
26-Aug-2020SnO2-Embedded Nanoporous Carbon Electrode with a Reaction-Buffer Space for Stable All-Solid-State Li Ion BatteriesNotohara, Hiroo; Urita, Koki; Moriguchi, IsamuACS applied materials & interfaces, 12(38), pp.43042-43048; 2020View/Open
20-Aug-2020Enhanced NO2-Sensing Properties of Au-Loaded Porous In2O3 Gas Sensors at Low Operating TemperaturesUeda, Taro; Boehme, Inci; Hyodo, Takeo; Shimizu, Yasuhiro; Weimar, Udo; Barsan, NicolaeChemosensors, 8(3), art.no.72; 2020View/Open
10-Aug-2020Fullerene Thermochemical Stability: Accurate Heats of Formation for Small Fullerenes, the Importance of Structural Deformation on Reactivity, and the Special Stability of C60Chan, BunThe journal of physical chemistry. A, 124(33), pp.6688-6698; 2020View/Open
5-Aug-2020Poly(hydroxyurethane): catalytic applicability for the cyclic carbonate synthesis from epoxides and CO2Motokucho, Suguru; Morikawa, HiroshiChemical Communications, 56(73), pp.10678-10681; 2020View/Open
2-Aug-2020Plugging nonporous polyamide membranes for enhanced rejection of small contaminants during advanced wastewater treatmentFujioka, Takahiro; Osako, Miyu; Tanabe, Shuji; Kodamatani, Hitoshi; Shintani, TakujiSeparation and Purification Technology, 253, art.no.117490; 2020View/Open
30-Jun-2020ジョロウグモによるカメムシの捕食およびその死骸が設置された網の化学生態学的一考察野口, 大介長崎県生物学会誌, 86, pp.20-23; 2020View/Open
30-Jun-2020チュウガタシロカネグモの網にいたハエ,イトカメムシ,およびゴミグモの一種の網にいたアリ野口, 大介長崎県生物学会誌, 86, pp.35-36; 2020View/Open
30-Jun-2020Feasibility analysis for intermediated fluid type LNG vaporizers using R32 and R410A considering fluid propertiesHigashi, Kosuke; Kondou, Chieko; Koyama, ShigeruInternational Journal of Refrigeration, 118, pp.325-335; 2020View/Open
20-Jun-2020分子構造ICT教材開発を志向したナトリウムフェノキシド類結晶構造の文献調査野口, 大介日本科学教育学会研究会研究報告, 34(10), pp.23-28; 2020View/Open
7-Jun-2020Numerical investigation on the shear behavior of rock-like materials containing fissure-holes with FEM-CZM methodHan, Wei; Jiang, Yujing; Luan, Hengjie; Du, Yiteng; Zhu, Yinge; Liu, JiankangComputers and Geotechnics, 125, art.no.103670; 2020View/Open
1-Jun-2020Experimental Study of the Nonlinear Flow Characteristics of Fluid in 3D Rough-Walled Fractures During Shear ProcessWang, Changsheng; Jiang, Yujing; Liu, Richeng; Wang, Chen; Zhang, Zhenyu; Sugimoto, SatoshiRock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, 53(6), pp.2581-2604; 2020View/Open
Jun-2020世界一伝わる土木広報のススメ ─デミーとマツが注目されるワケ─出水, 享土木学会誌, 105(6), pp.52-53; 2020View/Open
30-May-2020Biofouling control of a forward osmosis membrane during single-pass pre-concentration of wastewaterFujioka, Takahiro; Tra Ngo, My Thi; Mochochoko, Tanki; Boivin, Sandrine; Ohkuma, Naoki; Yasui, Hidenari; Terashima, MitsuharuChemosphere, 257, art.no.127263; 2020View/Open
27-May-2020Anion-mediated encapsulation-induced emission enhancement of an IrIII complex within a resorcin[4]arene hexameric capsuleHoriuchi, Shinnosuke; Matsuo, Chiharu; Sakuda, Eri; Arikawa, Yasuhiro; Clever, Guido H.; Umakoshi, KeisukeDalton transactions, 49(25), pp.8472-8477; 2020View/Open
19-May-2020Controlling biofouling and disinfection by-product formation during reverse osmosis treatment for seawater desalinationFujioka, Takahiro; Ngo, My Thi Tra; Boivin, Sandrine; Kawahara, Kengo; Takada, Akihiro; Nakamura, Yuki; Yoshikawa, HiroDesalination, 488, art.no.114507; 2020View/Open
16-May-2020長崎における秋から冬にかけてのクモの生態とチュウガタシロカネグモのUV-vis反射スペクトル測定野口, 大介日本科学教育学会研究会研究報告, 34(7), pp.33-38; 2020View/Open
6-May-2020Nanostructured Pr-doped Ceria (PCO) thin films as sensing electrodes in solid-electrolyte type gas sensors with enhanced toluene sensitivityUeda, Taro; Defferriere, Thomas; Hyodo, Takeo; Shimizu, Yasuhiro; Tuller, Harry L.Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 317, art.no.128037; 2020View/Open
May-2020Predation of a large orb-web spider by a crab spider, Thomisus labefactus (Araenae: Thomisidae)Noguchi, DaisukeSerket, 17(2), pp.139-142; 2020View/Open
Showing results 1 to 20 of 971


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