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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)CitationFiles
6-May-2020Nanostructured Pr-doped Ceria (PCO) thin films as sensing electrodes in solid-electrolyte type gas sensors with enhanced toluene sensitivityUeda, Taro; Defferriere, Thomas; Hyodo, Takeo; Shimizu, Yasuhiro; Tuller, Harry L.Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 317, art.no.128037; 2020View/Open
20-Apr-2020Assessing bacterial infiltration through reverse osmosis membraneFujioka, Takahiro; Boivin, SandrineEnvironmental Technology and Innovation, 19, art.no.100818; 2020View/Open
18-Apr-2020Estimation of tunnel support pattern selection using artificial neural networkLiu, Jiankang; Jiang, Yujing; Ishizu, Sodai; Sakaguchi, OsamuArabian Journal of Geosciences, 13(9), art.no.321; 2020View/Open
14-Mar-2020Mechanical Properties of Solder-Jointed Copper Rods with Electrodeposited Sn-Zn Alloy FilmsTsurusaki, Tatsuya; Ohgai, TakeshiMaterials, 13(6), art.no.1330; 2020View/Open
10-Mar-2020Toluene-sensing Properties of Mixed-potential Type Yttria-stabilized Zirconia-based Gas Sensors Attached with Thin CeO2-added Au ElectrodesOIDE, Nobumitsu; UEDA, Taro; KAMADA, Kai; HYODO, Takeo; SHIMIZU, YasuhiroAnalytical sciences, 36(3), pp.287-290; 2020View/Open
5-Mar-2020Validation of the local thermodynamic equilibrium at a local current concentration area of positive pulsed surface discharge plasma on waterFurusato, Tomohiro; Oura, Kazushi; Matsuda, Yoshinobu; Sasaki, Mitsuru; Inada, Yuki; Yamashita, TakahikoJapanese Journal of Applied Physics, 59, art.no.SHHA07; 2020View/Open
Mar-2020土木の使命と価値の伝え方―デミーとマツ式伝わる土木広報―出水, 享九州技報, 66, pp.110-113; 2020View/Open
18-Feb-2020Application of Specific Energy in Evaluation of Geological Conditions Ahead of Tunnel FaceLiu, Jiankang; Sakaguchi, Osamu; Ishizu, Sodai; Luan, Hengjie; Han, Wei; Jiang, YujingEnergies, 13(4), art.no.909; 2020View/Open
6-Feb-2020Numerical Investigation of a Foundation Pit Supported by a Composite Soil Nailing StructureHan, Wei; Li, Genxiao; Sun, Zhaohui; Luan, Hengjie; Liu, Chuanzheng; Wu, XianlongSymmetry, 12(2), art.no.252; 2020View/Open
Feb-2020PBL教育における学生の防災への取り組みの紹介―長崎大学工学部の創成プロジェクト―高橋, 和雄自然災害研究協議会西部地区部会報 : 研究論文集, 44, pp.5-8; 2020View/Open
28-Jan-2020How accurate are approximate quantum chemical methods at modelling solute–solvent interactions in solvated clusters?Chen, Junbo; Chan, Bun; Shao, Yihan; Ho, JunmingPhysical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP, 22(7), pp.3855-3866; 2020View/Open
28-Jan-2020Discrete element numerical simulation of mechanical properties of methane hydrate-bearing specimen considering deposit anglesGong, Bin; Jiang, Yujing; Yan, Peng; Zhang, SunhaoJournal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, 76, art.no.103182; 2020View/Open
27-Jan-2020High-temperature properties of Fe-Pt film-magnets prepared by electroplating methodYanai, Takeshi; Omagari, Yuya; Furutani, Seiya; Yamashita, Akihiro; Fujita, Naoyuki; Morimura, Takao; Nakano, Masaki; Fukunaga, HirotoshiAIP Advances, 10(1), art.no.015149; 2020View/Open
22-Jan-2020Magnetic properties of Fe-Ni-system films prepared by electroless depositionYanai, Takeshi; Tanaka, Ryoma; Ueno, Ryoya; Mieda, Kafu; Kaji, Junichi; Morimura, Takao; Yamashita, Akihiro; Nakano, Masaki; Fukunaga, HirotoshiAIP Advances, 10(1), art.no.015047; 2020View/Open
16-Jan-2020Dialysis as a new pre-treatment technique for online bacterial countingFujioka, Takahiro; Boivin, SandrineScience of the Total Environment, 714, art.no.136768; 2020View/Open
15-Jan-2020Preparation and Deposition of Pr–Fe–B Permanent-Magnet Powder Using Pulsed LaserNakano, M.; Takeichi, S.; Takashima, K.; Yamashita, A.; Yanai, T.; Fukunaga, H.IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 56(4), art.no.7516303; 2020View/Open
14-Jan-2020PLD-fabricated Pr-Fe-B thick film magnets applied to small motorsNakano, M.; Takeichi, S.; Inoue, K.; Takashima, K.; Yamashita, A.; Yanai, T.; Fukunaga, H.AIP Advances, 10(1), art.no.015030; 2020View/Open
24-Dec-2019Design of a Wideband L-Shape Fed Microstrip Patch Antenna Backed by Conductor Plane for Medical Body Area NetworkGuan, Chai-Eu; Fujimoto, TakafumiElectronics, 9(1), art.no.21; 2020View/Open
20-Dec-2019Formulation of the quantitative influence of local and overall initial deflections on load-bearing capacity of unstiffened welded square box section columns under axial compressionChen, Xiang; Nakamura, Shozo; Okumatsu, Toshihiro; Nishikawa, TakafumiThin-Walled Structures, 147, art.no.106539; 2020View/Open
19-Dec-2019Comparison of properties between Pr–Fe–B and Nd–Fe–B thick-film magnets applied to MEMSNakano, Masaki; Takeichi, Sho; Yamaguchi, Takashi; Takashima, Keisuke; Yamashita, Akihiro; Yanai, Takeshi; Shinshi, Tadahiko; Fukunaga, HirotoshiJapanese Journal of Applied Physics, 59(SE), art.no.SEEE01; 2020View/Open
Showing results 1 to 20 of 940


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