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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)CitationFiles
17-May-2006歯科診療所におけるHIV陽性者の診療受入れ姿勢と関連する要因稲田, 浩平 (2006-05-17)View/Open
17-May-200610年間のメンテナンス期間における継続受診者の歯の喪失と関連する要因に関する研究常岡, 正廣 (2006-05-17)View/Open
17-May-2006低用量プロポフォールが、ラット脊髄くも膜下腔のNO産生および疼痛行動に与える影響倉田, 眞治 (2006-05-17)View/Open
17-May-2006学童、生徒のう蝕有病状況指数に対する診査基準の影響に関する研究池田, 紀夫 (2006-05-17)View/Open
15-Mar-2006Immunohistochemical and electron microscopic study of the biodegradation processes of chitin and chitosan implanted in rat alveolar bone池田, 毅 (2006-03-15)View/Open
15-Mar-2006歯頸部コンポジットレジン修復の辺縁封鎖性に関する研究横田, 広彰 (2006-03-15)View/Open
15-Mar-2006Modulation of jaw tapping force in response to unexpected changes in vertical jaw position田中, 美保子 (2006-03-15)View/Open
15-Mar-2006Orotate phosphoribosyl transferase mRNA expression in oral squamous cell carcinoma and its relationship with the dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase expression and the clinical effect of 5-fluorouracil吉冨, 泉 (2006-03-15)View/Open
15-Mar-2006Hemoglobin receptor protein(HbR) of Porphyromonas gingivalis inhibits RANKL-induced osteoclastogenesis from bone marrow macrophages藤村, 裕治 (2006-03-15)View/Open
15-Feb-2006診査基準の相違による学校歯科検診結果にもとづく有病状況への影響について川崎, 信行 (2006-02-15)View/Open
15-Feb-2006脳血管障害患者に対する口腔機能リハビリテーションの介入時期別にみた口腔機能変化の評価角町, 正勝 (2006-02-15)View/Open
15-Feb-2006女子中高校生の顎関節自覚症状の実態と学校を基盤とした定期的口腔保健指導の効果-学校歯科医の立場から-松尾, 敏信 (2006-02-15)View/Open
15-Feb-2006Corrosion behavior of titanium in formic acids,oxalic acids,and formaldehyde黒木, 唯文 (2006-02-15)View/Open
15-Feb-2006Expression of HSP47 and angiogenic factors and its implication for the healing of the periosteal defect in the mouse cranium秀島, 克巳 (2006-02-15)View/Open
18-Jan-2006Effect of a caries-detecting solution on the tensile bond strensth of four dentin adhesive systems横田, 春日 (2006-01-18)View/Open
18-Jan-2006Fractionated photodynamic therapy for for a human oral squamous cell carcinoma xenograft富樫, 宏明 (2006-01-18)View/Open
28-Sep-2005Castability and Mechanical Properties of Experimental Ti-Zr-Sn Alloys for Dental Application緒方, 敏明 (2005-09-28)View/Open
28-Sep-2005An experimental model of tooth movement by orthodontic force in mice and its application to TNF receptor-deficient mice吉松, 昌子 (2005-09-28)View/Open
21-Sep-2005Retentive strength of metal copings on prefabricated abutments with five different cements前山, 秀樹 (2005-09-21)View/Open
21-Sep-2005Items used to assess oral health in care-dependent persons and changes in oral condition after care intervention中村, 康司 (2005-09-21)View/Open
Showing results 1 to 20 of 45


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