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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)CitationFiles
20-Sep-2019The Toll-Like Receptor 2 agonist PEG-Pam2Cys as an immunochemoprophylactic and immunochemotherapeutic against the liver and transmission stages of malaria parasitesERNEST, MEDARD(2019-09-20)View/Open
20-Sep-2019Dengue virus serotype-4 during the 2015-2017 epidemic: emergence of a novel genotype IIa of DENV-4 in the PhilippinesDE VERA LUZ, MARK ANTHONY(2019-09-20)View/Open
20-Sep-2019Current health status and its risk factors of the Tsarang villagers living at high altitude in the Mustang district of NepalKOIRALA, SWETA(2019-09-20)View/Open
20-Sep-2019Chemical Study of Tannins from Three East Asian Medicinal Plants: Ephedra sinica, Stachyurus praecox, and Nuphar japonicumOREJOLA, JOANNA JUSTIMBASTE(2019-09-20)View/Open
4-Sep-2019Regeneration of esophagus using a scaffold-free biomimetic structure created with bio-three-dimensional printing武岡, 陽介(2019-09-04)View/Open
4-Sep-2019Superiority of Somatostatin Analog in Comparison With Drugs for Treating Pancreatic Fistula in Rats川上, 悠介(2019-09-04)View/Open
4-Sep-2019Neuropeptide Y inhibits hepatocarcinogenesis in overnutrition in mice木下, 綾華(2019-09-04)View/Open
4-Sep-2019Heat Shock Protein 70 Messenger RNA in Rat Leukocytes Elevates After Severe Intestinal Ischemia-Reperfusion峯, 由華(2019-09-04)View/Open
4-Sep-2019Comprehensive immune complexome analysis detects disease-specific immune complex antigens in seminal plasma and follicular fluids derived from infertile men and women村上, 直子(2019-09-04)View/Open
4-Sep-2019Epidemiological survey and risk factor analysis of dialysis-related amyloidosis including destructive spondyloarthropathy, dialysis amyloid arthropathy, and carpal tunnel syndrome田上, 敦士(2019-09-04)View/Open
4-Sep-2019Evaluation of Candida peritonitis with underlying peritoneal fibrosis and efficacy of micafungin in murine models of intra-abdominal candidiasis芦澤, 信之(2019-09-04)View/Open
4-Sep-2019Development and evaluation of a jaw-tracking system for mice: reconstruction of three-dimensional movement trajectories on an arbitrary point on the mandible森内, 絵美(2019-09-04)View/Open
4-Sep-2019The influence of thickeners of food on the particle size of boluses: a consideration for swallowing小関(山口), 恵梨香(2019-09-04)View/Open
4-Sep-2019Relationship between parenting stress and children's behavioral characteristics in Japan德永, 瑛子(2019-09-04)View/Open
4-Sep-2019Mental health literacy regarding eating disorders in female Japanese university students引地(西田), 江里(2019-09-04)View/Open
4-Sep-2019Relationship between dietary patterns and stunting in preschool children: a cohort analysis from Kwale, Kenya田中, 準一(2019-09-04)View/Open
4-Sep-2019Genome analysis of myelodysplastic syndromes among atomic bomb survivors in Nagasaki田口, 正剛(2019-09-04)View/Open
5-Jun-2019Sevoflurane has postconditioning as well as preconditioning properties against hepatic warm ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats白石, 早紀(2019-06-05)View/Open
5-Jun-2019Bone Mineral Density and Microstructure of the Elbow in Baseball Pitchers: An Analysis by Second-Generation HR-pQCT佐田, 潔(2019-06-05)View/Open
5-Jun-2019PhaseⅡ trial of a non-platinum triplet for patients with advanced non-small cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC) overexpressing ERCC1 messenger RNA竹本, 真之輔(2019-06-05)View/Open
Showing results 1 to 20 of 1219


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