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Herbaceous and ericaceous communities in the highland of Santa Cruz, the Galapagos Islands.

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タイトル: Herbaceous and ericaceous communities in the highland of Santa Cruz, the Galapagos Islands.
その他のタイトル: ガラパゴス諸島、サンタクルス島高地における草本とツツジ科群落
著者: Itow, Syuzo
著者(別表記) : 伊藤, 秀三
発行日: 1990年
出版者: Missouri Botanical Garden Press
引用: Monographs in systematic botany from the Missouri Botanical Garden 32:47-58, 1990 / Botanical Research and Management in Galapagos (MSB 32) pp.47-58 1990
抄録: The herbaceous and ericaceous vegetation in the highlands of Santa Cruz was studied to find relations of plant communities to topographical relief. The vegetation was classified into six conlnlunities according to a scatter diagram of vegetation samples (releves) processed by the reciprocal averaging method and according to the dominant species. The communities classified are Paspalum conjugatum community, Pteridium aquilinum/ Blechnum polypodioides community, Lycopodium clavatum community, Hypericum uliginosum community, Polypodium tridens community, and Pernettya howellii community. Of the communities recognized, the Paspalum conjugatum community was found on moist, gentle slopes and flat sites. The Pernettya howellii community was established on southeast-facing, steep slopes at higher altitudes exposed directly to the southern trade winds. This habitat becomes wet or moistened by moisture-saturated southern winds on cloudy and foggy days, but dries up in extended dry periods. The Polypodium tridens community was found only on nearly exposed lava. The three other communities were intermediate between the Paspalum community and the Pernettya community in phytosociological and topographical relations.
記述: Acknowledgment: this article is digitized with the permission of Missouri Botanical Garden Press.
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