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Tropical medicine

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Volume 32, No. 4 Table of Contents

Physiological Characteristics of Pika (Ochotona rufescens rufescens) as a Weak Heat Tolerant Animal
  Yang, Guo-Jie
129 - 140
Development in Mosquitoes of Dirofilaria immitis Microfilariae in Dog Blood Refridgerated at 4℃
  Seroney, Isaac K. Arap; Suenaga, Osamu; Mori, Akio
141 - 144
Fusion of Aedes Albopictus Cells, Clone C6/36, by Japanese Encephalitis Virus is Triggered by Low pH
  Koblet, Hans; Kohler, Ursula; Igarashi, Akira
145 - 154
Association of Sindbis Virus Proteins with Vero Cell Cytoskeleton
  Ng, Mah Lee; Loy, Boon Pheng; Oei, Coreen
155 - 163


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