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第31巻 第4号 目次

Optimal Conditions of Plaque Titration of Japanese Encephalitis Virus on BHK21 Cells
  Shameem, Golam Masud Mohammad; Morita, Kouichi; Haishi, Shozo; Igarashi, Akira
151 - 159
Field Observations on Oviposition Time of Aedes albopictus
  Tsuda, Yoshio; Takagi, Masahiro; Wada, Yoshito
161 - 165
Preliminary Field Experiments on the Oviposition of Aedes albopictus in Water with Different Qualities
  Thavara, Usavadee; Takagi, Masahiro; Tsuda, Yoshio; Wada, Yoshito
167 - 169
A Simple Method for Sampling the Immature Stages of Aedes togoi
  Mori, Akio
171 - 174
Effect of Thermal Acclimation on the Stress-induced Elevation of Core Temperature in Rats
  Tsuchiya, Katsuhiko; Kosaka, Mitsuo
175 - 181


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