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巻号一覧=List of Issues

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Volume 12, No. 3-4 Table of Contents

Histological Observations of Cysticercus Cyst Walls of the Liver of Rats in Relation to the Precancerous Stage in the Watanabe I Tumor
  Watanabe, Fumitomo
37 - 51
A Case of Inferior Vena Cava Obstruction Associated with Budd - Chiari Syndrome
  Saheki, Soroku; Hongo, Hiroshi; Saiki, Sadahiko; Furukawa, Masato; Kondo, Naotsugu
52 - 60
On the Visually Evoked Potentials in the Cerebral Visual, Somatosensory, Motor and Association Areas of Monkeys (Maraca Cyclopis)
  Ochi, Nobuya
61 - 82
An Electron Microscopic Study of Pathological Changes of the Great Occipital Nerve Following Local Cooling
  Kawano, Masashichi; Matsumura, Hidekatsu
83 - 98
The Influence of Mersalyl and some Sulfhydryl Group Reagents on the Pacemaker Action Potential and the Contraction in Isolated Guinea Pig Atria.
  Tani, Michio
99 - 111
Lipid Metabolism on the Perfused Dog Lung
  Iida, Masashi
112 - 132
Studies on the Unknown Amino Acids in Normal Human Urine
  Yoshikawa, Ichiro
133 - 141
Comparative Biochemistry of Hemoglobins
  Migita, Masaharu
142 - 157


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