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Current and Future Strategy for Breast Cancer Treatment at Nagasaki University Hospital

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タイトル: Current and Future Strategy for Breast Cancer Treatment at Nagasaki University Hospital
著者: Morishita, Mariko / Hayashi, Tomayoshi / Maeda, Shigeto / Yano, Hiroshi / Isomoto, Ichiro / Abe, Kuniko / Matsumoto, Megumi / Anami, Masanobu / Ohtsuru, Akira / Yamashita, Shunichi / Nagayasu, Takeshi / Kanematsu, Takashi
発行日: 2005年12月
引用: Acta medica Nagasakiensia. 2005, 50(4), p.137-142
抄録: Breast cancer has emerged as the most frequent malignant neoplasm among Japanese women in recent years, raising awareness in society of the issue of breast cancer, including good screening and therapies. In fact, the establishment of breast cancer screening program with mammography in the United States and Western Europe has contributed to improve the diagnosis of breast cancer at early stage, and proper management, including various options of evidence-based treatment has not only reduced mortality but also enhanced patients' quality of life. However, the mortality rate due to breast cancer in Japan has continued to increase, and the number of patients is also increasing rapidly. It is therefore very urgent to develop a good system of breast care in all medical facilities as well as the provision of a national scheme in Japan. In this report, we review the situations of breast surgery at Nagasaki University Hospital from 1975 to 2004 and current management practices for breast disease, and evaluate the possibility of establishing a better system for breast care at our hospital, which could then act as a core medical institute in Nagasaki.
キーワード: Breastsurgery / Breastcancer / NagasakiUniversityHospital / Multidisciplinaryteammeeting / Patientservice
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/9345
ISSN: 00016055
関連リンク : http://joi.jlc.jst.go.jp/JST.JSTAGE/amn/50.137
資料タイプ: Departmental Bulletin Paper
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出現コレクション:Volume 50, No. 4

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