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Title: 精神科デイケアの通所一年後で悪化した統合失調症患者の開始時点における臨床特徴
Other Titles: Clinical characteristics in the base line of aggravated cases among patient with schizophrenia under one year later psychiatric daycare treatment
Authors: 稲富, 宏之 / 渡邉, 幸恵 / 永冨, 康博 / 御手洗, 和也 / 大澤, 理恵 / 久寿米木, 清美 / 島谷, 隆男 / 畠中, 邦子 / 廣池, とよ子 / 寺本, 憲子 / 宇都宮, 浩 / 衛藤, 龍 / 田中, 悟郎 / 太田, 保之
Authors (alternative): Inadomi, Hiroyuki / Watanabe, Sachie / Nagatomi, Yasuhiro / Mitarai, Kazuya / Ohsawa, Rie / Kusumeki, Kiyomi / Shimatani, Takao / Hatanaka, Kuniko / Hiroike, Toyoko / Teramoto, Kazuko / Utsunomiya, Hiroshi / Etoh, Ryu / Tanaka, Goro / Ohta, Yasuyuki
Issue Date: 2007
Citation: 保健学研究. 2007, 19(2), p. 43-50
Abstract: 本研究の目的は,精神科デイケア(DC)の通所一年後で悪化した統合失調症患者の開始時点における臨床特徴について検討することである.対象はDC通所中の統合失調症患者36名である.対象者は,研究開始時点から一年後の転帰に従って悪化群13名と非悪化群23名に二分された.全ての対象者は,研究開始時点における属性や生活障害と精神症状に関して評価を受けた.さらに,両群の診療記録を比較して検討した.その結果,研究開始時点における悪化群は非悪化群よりも入院回数が多く,生活に関する技術的援助,及び精神症状に関する知識と対処行動を獲得するための個別の治療プログラムの必要性が示唆された.また,経過記録に基づけば本研究の悪化群の患者の中には必ずしも悪化の一途を辿ったとはいえない臨床特徴を併せ持つ対象者の存在が示唆された.DCで悪化するような統合失調症患者について,臨床観察を客観的評価尺度で補完しながら検証した本研究は,通所者の短期的な治療目標の設定と治療計画の実行に役立つと考えられた. / The purpose of the present study was to investigate the clinical characteristics in base line of aggravated cases among patient with schizophrenia under one year later psychiatric daycare treatment. Subjects consisted of 36 patients with schizophrenia who were receiving daycare treatment. The subjects were divided into two groups, an aggravation group with 13 subjects and a non-aggravation group with 23 subjects, according to the outcomes one year after the initiation of the study. All subjects were evaluated in terms of attributes, difficulties in daily living, and psychiatric symptoms at the beginning of the study. Clinical records were compared between subjects in the aggravation group and those in the non-aggravation group. The results showed that the number of hospitalizations was higher in the aggravation group than in the non-aggravation group at the beginning of the study ; thus, it was suggested that the provision of technical support for daily living and the installation of individual therapeutic programs for acquisition of knowledge and coping behaviors for psychiatric symptoms were necessary. Subjects in the aggravated group in the present study also presented clinical characteristics that were not necessarily identified as those of aggravated cases in daycare based on progress records. Investigation of aggravated cases in daycare following complementing clinical observations with an objective evaluation scale, which was conducted in the present study, appears to be useful for shortterm therapeutic goal setting and treatment plan execution for patients with schizophrenia under psychiatric daycare treatment.
Keywords: 慢性統合失調症患者 / 精神科デイケア / 社会適応 / 臨床効果 / chronic schizophrenia / day care treatment / social adaptation / clinical effect
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10069/9786
ISSN: 18814441
Type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
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