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About Search

What is searched in the general keyword search box.

Title, Author, Keyword(Subject), Abstrace or Description, Issue Date, Publisher, Journal Title, Volume, Issue, Pages, Identifier(ISSN, ISBN, DOI, PubMedID)

If an article PDF is enabled for full-text searching, the text you entered will also be searched against the full text of all archived documents.

Boolean searching

The following Boolean operators can be used to combine terms. Note that they must be CAPITALIZED !


If you entered multiple words, find items containing all words or phrases.

ex.)  Galapagos Plant  or  Galapagos AND Plant


to enlarge searches to find items containing any of the words or phrases surrounding this operator.

ex.)  cats OR dogs


to exclude items containing the word following this operator, e.g.

ex.)  training -cat  or  training NOT cat  will retrieve all items that contain the word "training" EXCEPT those also containing the word "cat".

Parentheses can be used in the search query to group search terms into sets, and operators can then be applied to the whole set, e.g.

ex.)  (cats OR dogs) AND (training OR displine)

Phrase Searching

To search using multiple words as a phrase, put quotation marks (") around the phrase.

ex.)  "nagasaki atomic bomb"

Author Search

If you want to search on an author's full name, enter the last name followed by a comma, a space, then the forename in quotes:

ex.)  "Nagasaki, Taro"

Seraching by Date

To search the issue date, enter dates using the format yyyy-mm-dd. The month and day are optional.

ex.)  2008-08-01

You can limit the date ranges, for example:

ex.)  date:[2005 TO 2007]  TO must be CAPITALIZED.


Use an asterisk (*) after a word stem to get all hits having words starting with that root, for example:

ex.)  select*  will retrieve selects, selector, selectman, selecting.

What is not searched - Stop Words

The search engine ignores certain words that occur frequently in English, but do not add value to the search. These are:

"a", "and" , "are" , "as" , "at" , "be" , "but" , "by" , "for" , "if" , "in" , "into",
"is" ,"it" ,"no" , "not" , "of" , "on" , "or" , "such", "the" , "to" , "was"


The advanced search page allows you to specify the fields you wish to search, and to combine these searches with the Boolean "and", "or" or "not".

You can restrict your search to a community by clicking on the arrow to the right of the top box. If you want your search to encompass all of NAOSITE, leave that box in the default position.

Then select the field to search in the left hand column and enter the word or phrase you are searching in the right hand column. You can select the Boolean operator to combine searches by clicking on the arrow to the right of the "AND" box.


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